Monk Family

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Washington Branch

Lydette Monk
The matriarch of the Monk family based out of Washington, Lydette first appeared when Davis was in the hospital for an extended period of time.
Gideon Monk
Lydette's grandson, Davis' brother
Davis' older brother, and a former Navy Seal. Arrived with his grandmother when Davis was hospitalized, and immediately began sniffing out werewolves.
Davis Monk
Lydette's grandson, Gideon's brother; former Communications Major (Sophomore), Marine Veteran, member of Delta Omicron Sigma
A Marine veteran who lost the lower part of his leg in service. Davis enrolled in the University of Astoria, and joined Delta Omicron Sigma, the fraternity for military vets. Since the end of Fall Term, he has abandoned the care of his family and effectively gone rogue after he and Jace were kidnapped by Volk's pack.