Morality in Edge of the Empire

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For characters that develop Force Sensitivity the following rules apply.

I LOVE the Morality System presented in the Force and Destiny book. I feel that it provides an excellent way to represent the balance between the Light and the Dark.

With that in mind, Force Sensitive Characters must declare Emotional Strengths and Weaknesses upon gaining their first Force Rating. It is assumed that their Morality also begins at 50, though the player will not have to actively track.

The Character will earn Conflict as described in FaD and will make Morality Checks using all the rules from that book. However, Morality reductions that are rolled are instead represented through new Obligations.

For each point of Morality reduction below 50 that a Character would gain in FaD instead increase their Obligation by 1 point.

This Obligation can only be reduced through subsequent increases in Morality.