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Morgrave University is an institution of higher learning in Sharn. While not the most reputable university academically-speaking, it has made great gains in research of the continent of Xen'drik, mostly by funding expeditions to bring back artifacts and information to fill the university's museums and libraries.

At the heart of Sharn’s Morgrave University is a sharp dichotomy: On the one hand, it is known as a nexus for scholars wishing to study Xen’drik, thanks in large part to Sharn’s proximity to the secret continent. Its collections of artifacts and scholarly works about ancient Xen’drik and the Dhakaan Empire are unparalleled. In many ways, it lives up to the shining vision of its founder, Lord Lareth ir’Morgrave, to be “beacon of knowledge shining from the tallest towers of the city, illuminating the forgotten secrets of the past.a beacon of knowledge shining from the tallest towers of the city.”

On the other hand, the university is sometimes caught up in allegations of smuggling, treasure hunting, and profiteering. Many priceless relics recovered from Xen’drik or Dhakaani ruins have disappeared from the university vaults and found their way to the black market or into the hands of the Aurum. It’s an open secret that some scholars, professors, and even students at the university have ties to smugglers and thieves. However, some dismiss these allegations as the cost of doing business to obtain the relics and treasure that ultimately benefit all of Khorvaire through study, research, and scholarly application.

The university lies in the University District of Upper Menthis in Sharn.

Dregrees Offered

Morgrave degrees require that you take both a Major and a Minor. For example, you can Major in Practical Arcane Magic and Minor in Khorvairen History, or you can Major in Korvairen History with a minor in Artifice. Minor degrees are not as in-depth as a major, usually giving the student a working knowledge of the subject, enough to get by, but not enough to practice, teach or be considered an expert in the subject. A major is generally 3 years of dedicated study, and a minor is an additional year.

Degrees only offered as a Major: Archaeology, Medicine, Practical Arcane Magic

Degrees which can be Majors or Minors: Artiface, Biology, History, Political Science, Theology

Minor Degrees: Botany, Business, Engineering, Geography, Languages, Military History/Tactics, Natural Science, Planar Studies, Psionics, Theoretical Arcana