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The Lady of Mysteries, the Mother of All Magic, Our Lady of Spells
Mystryl (ancient), the Hidden One (Rashemen)
Magic, spells, the Weave
Divine Relationships
Domain: Dweomerheart
Subpantheon: The Gods of Magic
Superior: None
Allies: Azuth, Selune, Oghma, Deneir, Milil
Foes: Bane, Cyric, Shar, Talos
Priestly Title: Dweomerkeepers
Vestments: Blue robes, trimmed in white; accented by a deeper blue cloak when cold. Headwear is required, from the simple blue skullcaps used on the Sword Coast, to wide-brimmed hats and helms in southern lands.
Hierarchy: Servants of Mystery (all clergy), Lady/Lord of Mystery (higher rank), Temple Magister (high priest/ess of temple); most temples have individual hierarchies
Affiliated Orders: Children of the Starry Quill (bards); Knights of the Mystic Fire (paladins); Order of the Shooting Star (rangers); Harpers (informal alliance)
Alignment: Any
Typical Worshippers: Magicians of all kinds
The House of Mysteries, Elventree
The Grotto of All Spells, Mt. Talath, Halruaa
House of Wonder, Waterdeep
Tower of Balance, Silverymoon

The Power

Mystra is the goddess of magic, which makes her one of the most powerful deities in the Realms. Known also as the Lady of Mysteries, she is said to have taught the first spellcaster of the Realms, and to have enabled many of the races to use magic. She is aided in her work by Azuth, the god of wizards. Mystra’s symbol is a blue-white star. Mystra is portrayed only as a prismatic will-o’-the-wisp, without human form and capable of using any spell known in the Realms.

The Ethos

Mystra is the goddess of magic, and with that the goddess of possibilities. She is most venerated by wizards and those who use magic or magical items in their daily use. She is claimed to weigh and judge each new spell or magical item to determine whether it should be permitted into the Realms. Choice, decision, and knowledge, leavened with a healthy dose of good for the most individuals, are the hallmarks of Mystra’s faith.

The Clergy

The hierarchy of Mystra includes all forms of spellcasters, including priests, wizards, bards, rangers, and paladins. Only those who gain their spells directly from a higher power gain their spells from the goddess, but all are welcome within the hierarchy. Wizards, and primarily good wizards, hold her name in special veneration, even if they worship Azuth or some other deity.

Other Details

Sacred Sites

  • By the grace of Mystra, all clergy of Mystra cast spells for the maximum possible damage, duration or extent of effect. This includes all Mystran temples and shrines, and many private spellcasting chambers.