NOLA Ward Krewes

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Krewe of Jareth

Location: Orktown

aka the “Goblin Krewe,” along the lakeshore in western Orktown, allied with Kozlowki Mafia Family

Krewe of Thrall

Location: Orktown

All-orc krewe in Orctown, based off the "noble tribal ork" image from the well-known BlizzardVerse fantasy scenarios.

Krewe of Pan

Location: Bywater

vice specialists

Krewe of the Spade

Location: None

art-thieves and vigilantes, who specialize in burglary and poetic justice; no known turf

The Voodoo Posse

Location: French Quarter

the Krewe that claims the French Quarter as turf, gave their name to all magically-active Krewes.

Krewe of Gunpowder

Location: Little Venice (East)

Voodoo posse dedicated to Ogun loa (gunpowder)

Krewe of Cuchulainn

Location: Irish Channel

Irish Channel Krewe

Krewe of the Wyrm

Location: Gentilly

Gentilly krewe, just south of Little Venice West, who claim to be Falthur’s own krewe (though he has disclaimed any association with them). Led by a dragon-totemed Hermetic street mage, with ties to the Cult of the Dragon.

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