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The Department of Variant Human Affairs (DVHA)

The DVHA is responsible for the administration of the Manhattan Containment Zone. First and foremost, they control the border of the zone manning the Bridge Checkpoints and River Patrols. They issue rations of food from the Bridge Enclaves, in theory checking digital ration cards before giving out food. The DVHA also maintains a few small clinics to provide "Adequate Medical Care" to the citizens of the MCZ, but in practice these facilities are reserved for those favored by the department or their corporate allies. They also maintain the connection points for various city utilities, including handling vital repair work for those areas. Finally, the DVHA operates several Testing and Repatriation Centers which provide the only path to release from the MCZ.

What they don't do is intervene in the "internal administration" of the MCZ. They have done nothing to stem the power of the various Warlords, or to prevent the diversion of food and other vital supplies to a thriving black market. The only time they respond is when actions in the Zone either threaten to spill outwards, or if it looks like a single Warlord threatens to unite the MCZ.

In the event of a major incident within the city, they are unlikely to send in soldiers, instead preferring to send in CESTUS Quad Copter drones supported by fire from long distance SCYTHE drones. If they do choose to send in an actual response team, they come in overwhelming force, usuall supported by at least a few Alphas from Project Asgard.



Park Avenue

A new arrival among the warlords of NYC, Kashvi took over a struggling gang and reformed them into Park Avenue. An up and coming warband, they have been actively recruiting in a few cases through threats, but mostly by offering a better standard of living. Park Avenue runs a protection racket in the form of demanding tribute from those who live in their territory, they also frequently raid weaker gangs for needed materials and luxury goods.
Key Individuals

  • Kashvi Unknown but enhances her combat ability, Alpha Kashvi was born in Manhattan to well-to-do parents. Her early life, she wanted for nothing, then that ship crash-landed, killing her father. In the years to come, she and her mother were ousted from her home. She was hungry. Her mother was unable to provide. Kashvi had to take over. She learned that knives are a very useful tool. She used to be sad, but is always cheerful now. If you cross her, she will cheerfully make you pay for it.


Founded by the mutated members of the Hellfires biker gang, they are one of the most violent and unpredictable warbands in the MCZ. Only a few people have joined the Infernals as their initiation rituals have grown in brutality. Very few people choose to live in Infernal's territory, as the gang's propensity for both random violence and arson is well known, so only the desperate choose to do so. However, a few slaves who have escaped from the Roughnecks have hidden here, as even Braze does not want to face Carrion. Key Individuals

  • Inferno Fire Generation, Alpha A former Biker, he seems to love his Demon Theme a bit too much. He is highly feared, as much for his unpredictability as his power.
  • Carrion Necrosis, Beta One of the first people to join the Inferno's who wasn't part of the original gang, this walking corpse still dresses in the goth outfits that she wore in life.


Followers of the Warlord Braze, the Roughnecks command one of the largest territories in the MCZ. They operate out of "The Tower", a former skyscraper filled with tightly-constructed defenses and marvels of engineering. The Roughneck territory includes multiple salvage mines in ruined buildings, an improvised power plant, and even a hydroponics farms. They make this work through the extensive use of slave labor, routinely striking other communities on the edge of their territory.
Key Individuals

  • Braze, "The Builder" Electrical Discharge, Alpha Braze's powers are extremely deadly in combat, and he doesn't hesitate to deploy them against either those who are foolish enough to attack his holding, or against those who hold materials he needs for his current project. He is singleminded, impatient with others' limitations, but not inclined to either being loud or cruel. He simply radiates disgust when he is angry, and quits the situation as soon as feasible.
  • Riot Grrl Multiplication, Alpha

Stonewall Protectorate

Centered on the old Stonewall Inn, the Protectorate has a high proportion of Manhattan's queer Alpha's within their ranks. While they are not open to taking in the populace of Manhattan in general, they deliberately open parts of their territory to those from other groups who identify as "gender- or orientation-queer" to give them a safe place to come to. Several bars operate at the edge of their territory that are considered to be "Aggressively Neutral", anyone is welcome to visit, so long as they don't display any kind of homophobia. Key Individuals

  • Stonewall Density Manipulation, Alpha A long standing member of the NYC lesbian community before, the alien attack, Stonewall was one of the first community leaders to start organizing after the creation of the MCZ. Stonewall can become super tough and "grounded," preventing her from being moved if she does not wish it.

Criminal Organizations

Quantum Underground

The Quantum Underground has a small but very active presence in the Manhattan Containment zone. Most of their activity within the Containment Zone involves either selling tech to the Warlords, or trying to locate various pieces of Alien Tech of broken down Super Tech. They also seem to treat the MCZ as a recruitment center, first as work for hire and then for eventual membership.
They maintain an active bounty on Alien Tech or other Super Tech, and will pay highly for even non functioning examples of either. If a piece of technology is active and functional, the Underground reps will pay up to a million dollars, an immaculate false ID and transportation out of the US. Key Individuals

  • Hanna Unknown, Presumed Alpha Hanna is the only known Broker for the MCZ, and she has little tolerance for petty bullshit. She has a well known "One Strike" polciy, where until you have earned her good graces, if you fail her she will not work with you again, or recommend you for work. She often holds initial meetings at the Establishment, and has an arrangement with it's owner.
  • Chimera Moreau's Syndrome, Beta Chimera appears to be a mixture of at least a dozen different predatory animals, and he is known to be an incredibly dangerous combatant. Despite his menacing appearance, Chimera is largely soft spoken and prefers not to use intimidation as his go to tactic.
  • The Brain Mad Genius, Beta(Humanoid Mouse 4'9") The Brain was streaming an old cartoon show when he experience the Manhattan Event, and changed to emulate his favorite character. More then a little bit insane, he is obsessed with eventually conquering the world (or so he jokingly claims). He spends most of his time building various super science devices and then releasing them on the MCZ. The few times he was called out on his actions by various Warlords, he has generally tried to sell them a finalized version of whatever technology had just caused them so many problems.
  • Pinky Enhanced Intellect, Beta The Brains bodyguard, she is an 8 foot tall wall of muscles covered in faint redish scaled. When she started workig for the Brain, she changed her name because it was "Too Funny not too". She has a sense of humor that can border on the cruel, but seems to have a genuine sense of affection for her diminutive employer.

Varianthuman Action Front

Declared a Terrorist Organization by the US Government, the VAF has been waging a largely unsuccessful guerrilla war against the DVHA. They have attempted numerous attacks on DCHA facilites, and claimed responsibility for several terrorist attacks throughout the US. Their most famous attack was a failed prison break at "The Pit" the maximum security prison for Variant Human criminals, located in Arizona.
In addition to their more violent operations, they are also involved in smuggling people out of the MCZ and medical supplies and humanitarian aid into the city.


The Manhattan Project

Originally put together to help rebuild the the parts of Manhattan that were damaged in the Incident, a few of of it's key members stayed when the Containment Zone was created. Under the leadership of Blue Steel and Fracture The Manhattan Project works to maintain what city infrastructure they can, and are probably the only reason any of the city still has functional water mains. They also maintain an extensive map of the the cities Epsilon Zones and unstable buldings, which they make freely available. One of the only truly neutral groups in the city, most of the Warlords will leave their work parties unmolested. In return, the Project does not interfere in any of the ongoing conflicts.
The Project controls several blocks around the former Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital, which they use as their Head Quarters. Considered neutral territory by most, they have a small under-supplied medical clinic, a market, and several bars. All are welcome to visit so long as they maintain the peace, but the Project turns away most who would try to live there claiming that they are at capacity. They have more then once hosted talks between various warlords.
Key Individuals

  • Blue Steel Transforms into Living Metal, Alpha A former NYPD Police Officer and member of the Guardians, Blue Steel quit the team when he saw the fascist direction that Captain America wanted to take the team.
  • Fracture Causes localized earthquakes, Beta Fracture's skin now has a rock like quality, studded with occasional glowing crystals. A former geology student at NYU,