Navy Heights Characters

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Astoria Basin Forest

Douglas Mayhew
Park Ranger
Douglas is the newest member of the state park rangers assigned to Astoria Basin. He's the rookie, and gets ribbed a lot for it, though he takes it in good stride. He seems to be a nice guy.

Common Locations: Astoria Basin (CSF), Bonfire Clearing, his Navy Heights apartment.

Drug Dealers

Dane Ryerman
Local Dealer
An old friend of Stella's, Dane was the high school bad boy of their time, who married the girl who managed to get and keep him. Unfortunately, his high school years were his best - afterwards, he was pretty much content to do nothing of note with his life but smoke and deal drugs. His wife left him less than five years into their marriage, thankful that they'd never had any kids. He is definitely still cocky, although he's lost something of that "James Dean" mystique - to many of his college-age clients, he's just some old hippie dude that sells drugs, an uncool image he refuses to acknowledge enough to resent.

Common Locations: His Navy Heights house