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Ophelia is a successful lawyer who specializes in investigative legal work - tracking down the legal paperwork, shifts of ownership, court proclamations, execution of wills and similar cases. Though she used to make good money working for a large Portland legal firm that specialized in real estate and inheritances, she has since gone on to establish her own independent practice.

She frequently worked with Magnum Opus and a choice handful of other Consilium of the Rose magi, and their patronage allowed her to extend her business to include several other specialists - a trio of private investigators to do some of the hands-on work, a computer specialist with a background in electronic security and a pair of junior legal aids. She doesn't talk much about being a Sleepwalker, save for her poorly-concealed sense of wonder at seeing magic done.

[edit] Notes

  • employed by the cabal under their Rainy Day Detective Agency business
  • her office was relocated into the Hotel Regina
  • divorced; her ex-husband is a total ass & was also instrumental in the geist's plan to kill & merge with Mitchell; for this Autumn has a pretty heavy grudge & even left him stranded in Twilight for a short time while he was imprisoned
  • ex was released from prison with Ophelia & Rasayana's assistance, though she now has a restraining order to keep him away from her
  • has become romantically involved with Rasayana; Ooh LaLa!
  • she owns two cockatiel birds (though they both tragically perished when her condo fell into a river)
  • Ophelia's condo collapsed during a terrible Verge storm & fell into a river. Issa managed to get her & Dany out in time (to New York). Ophelia nearly drowned but was treated & stabilized by Rasayana. Issa's wife Rai was told to call an ambulance to tend to Ophelia & a shocked & confused Dany in her pizzeria cellar.
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