Order of Master Taylors, Glovers and Mercers

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Order of Master Taylors, Glovers and Mercers
Costumers' Hall, the High Road & Spendthrift Alley, Trades Ward
Guild Master
Kevattyn Nthender, Master of the Order
Primary Contact
The Master, Costumers' Hall
Other Guild Members
Membership: 600+
White glove, arm, and half-cloak (all single garment), decorated with blue and green sequins in a repeating pattern of interwoven thread, leading to a threaded needle picked out in sequins along the wearer's forearm, all worn on the left.
Entry Dues: 25 gp • Annual Dues: 12 gp/year
Goods & Services
Member Shops
Faction Details
Common Descriptors: Fashionable, competitive, complementary
Primary Classes: Any
Alignments: Any
Faction Ranks
Apprentice: Rank 1. You are apprenticed to a master within the Guild.

Journeyman: Rank 3. You have completed your Journeyman's Work, and may now work within your guild's specialty, albeit under the direction of a master.
Master: Rank 7. You are an acknowledged master of your art in your own right.

This busy guild has over 600 members, who import cloth and other supplies (such as thread), and use much of what other Waterdhavian guilds make (such as leather, textiles, carved and cast buttons, and needles) to make literally tons of clothing, of all sizes and fashions, from high-society ladies' party masks to the leather breeches of a smith. Every guild member has a personal specialty (such as gloves or gowns), and prices, speed of work, and durability vary widely. The guild serves mainly to save its members money by importing needed supplies in bulk.

Notable Members

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