Out of the Mists Timeline

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RY 760

  • The conflict between Mistwatch and the Ten Tribes begins.

RY 761

  • King Anatto Gozara and much of the Royal family of Mistwatch are killed.
  • Roaring Falls assumes the mantle of the Lord Protector of Mistwatch.

RY 767

  • Calibration 1 The Riverside Riots -

RY 768 The Current Year

  • Resplendent Air 13-17 - The Floating Carnival arrives in Town
  • Ascending Water 14 - The Start of Game.
  • Ascending Water 15 - The circle encounters the Gracious Broker of Discarded Things, a dark reflection of an Eclipse caste Solar.
  • Ascending Water 16 - The Circle forge an agreement with the Gracious Broker of Discarded Things to meet with the
  • Ascending Water 19 - The circle sets actions in motion to cause problems in Mist Watch. Flawless Opal summons three Hekata to stalk and kill the Grey. Resourceful Vrenn composes a Letter within a Letter that targets guild members to Inflict a Negative Intimacy to the Lord Protector. Resourceful Vrenn composes a Letter within a Letter that targets anyone who is not part of the leadership of Mistwatch, it builds a positive intimacy to the Freedom of the People of Mistwatch.
  • Ascending Water 20 - Auntie Rimbrisa arrives to help the circle travel to Nexus.
  • Ascending Water 24 - The circle arrives in Nexus.
  • Ascending Water 25 - A workshop is rented for a day in the Nighthammer District. Liara builds an exceptional set of swords, Vren builds an exceptional elevator shaped sword stand. Flawless Opal spreads bribes to make an appointment with a Master Smith of the Guild, Iron Hands Sochi.
  • Ascending Water 26 - The circle arrives for their meeting with Iron Hands Sochi. They start with a shopping trip in the public forums occupying the lowest three floors of the Guild Headquarters. When they enter the Atrium on the 4th floor, Badger, Flawless Opal and Liara are forced to display their animas by a set of Essence Pillars built into the Atrium. Resourceful Vren avoids doing so due to being a Night Caste. Clexhen is far enough behind that he avoid entering the atrium and instead looks to see how others respond.
    • The Circle meets with Iron Hands Sochi, who discusses the situation in Mistwatch in general terms. He sets up a later meeting

Future Events

  • Resplendent Water 16 - The circle has a date with the Gracious Broker of Discarded Things