Path of the Wheel

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Path of the Wheel

Only one known group of Path of the Wheel practitioners are known to practice as a magical group in New Orleans: the Silent Brothers, of Little Venice.

The Silent Brothers

Location: Tesrae Sallah, Little Venice

Tradition: Path of the Wheel

Purpose: To teach elves the Path of the Wheel, and foster independence and separation from the modern world.

Members: 3

Hierarchy: None.

Avatar: Imiri te’Liste, or “Memory of Light,” a strange, angelic being, neither male nor female. Imiri te’Liste never speaks, however, guiding through gesture and the instilling of emotions in those it is communicating with.

Individual Strictures: Belief (Path of the Wheel), Fraternity, Geas (Incantation — Sperethiel)

Group Strictures: Limited Membership (Elves only, religionists of the Path of the Wheel only)

Resources/Dues: Low, no Dues. The Silent Brothers dwell in Tesrae Sallah in Little Venice.

Patron: None.

Description and Customs: Humans were not the only ones to flee Ireland at the establishment of the Seelie Court there. Some elves believed that the Path of the Wheel should remain above mundane politicking, and so fled Tir na n’Og when elves took power there. Tesrae Sallah is something of an urban legend among the elves in New Orleans, and every year one or two come to the compound, only to discover that a life of quiet contemplation, artistic exploration, simple, monastic work and education in the Path of the Wheel, Sperethiel and other similar skills is not for them.