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Trading and Smuggling

At some point you all are going to ask... "How much money can we make moving XXX to YYY?"
Well... the answer to that isn't entirely simple.

In general, profits made from trading or smuggling deal around the differences in an item's rarity between its purchase and sales point. This is combined with a Negotiations check at both locations to reduce the cost at the purchasing point and increasing the cost at the sales point. But this does not remove the requirement to locate the merchandise via a Streetwise check for Restricted Items or a Knowledge Check for unrestricted. Further, a subsequent check is required at the sales point to locate an appropriate buyer for your goods. For one off sales, users normally get roughly 1/4 of the item's cost, which is then modified (+25% for each additional success, +10% for each 2 Advantages Spent --- while the reverse is true, a Failure results in you receiving an offer of only 10% of an items cost, and 2 Threats may be spent to reduce the total by 5%).

But that requires a significant number of checks, that will likely end up detracting from the overall game. Fly Casual provides a new way to look at smuggling operation. Using this system, the group has a total value of there cargo, has a profit margin based on the rarity, and modifiers based on you Negotiations Check. I will also be looking at your effective Check in determining the appropriate Port to deliver your cargo to. Identifying an appropriate legitimate port requires a Knowledge (Core/Outer Rim) or Astrogation Check while finding a Shadowport requires a Streetwise or Knowledge Check.

Purchasing Gear

To be completed.
Rarity Chart:

  • 0-1 Simple Check (-)
  • 2-3 Easy (1 Purple)
  • 4-5 Average (2 Purple)
  • 6-7 Hard (3 Purple)
  • 8-9 Daunting (4 Purple)
  • 10+ Formidable (5 Purple)

Buying and Selling Starships

In general, because of the cost, purchasing Ships will likely only occur once or twice during the entire campaign. However, if there comes a point that characters wish to sell a starship, they can only receive roughly 1/4 (One Quarter) of its listed price. A Negotiation Check can be made, each Success increases the base value by (+5%) and every 2 Advantage grant (+10%).

Buying Used: It's rare that your average Fringer will purchase a brand new starship (what the listed prices in the books are). Most will be used and offered at a discount. The Cost of a used Unrestricted Starship is based on it's Rarity. The Cost is Rarity x 8% of its listed Cost. For Restricted Ships this is Rarity x 9%.
Each Bucket of Bolts! Effect reduces the final Cost by 2.5%

Run and Gun Payouts

Dangerous Covenants: Hired Gun Pay Chart pg 91
Far Horizons: Colonist Pay Chart pg 93.