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True American Coalition

A party formed by the merging of the Democratic Reform Party and the Republican Party in 2060, the True American Coalition won the Presidential Election of 2060, captured the Senate that year and has held the presidential seats since. The TAC maintains strong insularity standpoints, and is fairly militant, with a significant budgeting toward military endeavors.

Southern Democratic Party

The Southern Democratic Party broke away from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in 2024. Ten years later, members of the Republican Party likewise split, formed the CAS Republican Party and the two groups merged for a short time to form the Secession Convention, leading to the creation of the Confederated American States. The Southern Democratic Party is notorious as the “bleeding heart” party, concerned with social justice and equal rights issues. They have not quite adopted the UCAS Democratic Party’s “One World” platform, however – their stance on ecological issues is still moderate, though they do appreciate the One World hardline approach toward corporations. Of all the political parties in the CAS, the SDP takes the most militant stance against corporations, as best demonstrated in New Orleans, which is significantly dominated by the Southern Democratic Party.

Southern Conservative Party

When the CAS Republican Party refused to officially place Christianity in its stated goals, and rejected the concept of “a Christian nation” as a vision for the CAS, a significant portion of its membership broke off and formed the Southern Conservative Party. Today, the SCP is the smallest of the three major parties, but only by the narrowest margin. They routinely hold a great deal of power in rural precincts, and quite a few members of the CAS Senate and House of Representatives are Southern Conservative.

Other Parties

There are a number of other parties represented in the CAS government, though they make up a tiny percentage of the politicians and bureaucrats. The Technocratic Party of the UCAS is perhaps the fourth largest party in the CAS, seeking to promote better living through technology. They are fairly unpopular in New Orleans, due to their strong ties to corporations.

They lost many of their members to the New Century Party just after the Elections of 2060, however, and nearly every member of the old Technocratic Party in New Orleans became a New Centuryist. The highly intellectual New Century party – with its claim that a combination of magic and science will provide the brightest future for everyone – is quite popular in higher society circles, especially among those that seek to separate themselves from the racist and back-water ideals considered to be archetypal of Southern politics.

While the Southern Conservative Party is fairly notorious for its sometimes-racist stances, nothing compares to the Archconservative Party, who are openly affiliated with the Humanis Policlub and several other anti-metahuman policlubs.

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