Pyromach Cloacinos

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Cleansing Warrior of Flame, Court of Mars

Rank 2 Flame Spirit

Quote: <<Something must burn this day. Point me at something, lest you fall under my crimson eye.>>

Background: An average spirit of the Flame Descant, Pyromach Cloacinos occupies a position representative of Mars’ flame in a warlike context. Anywhere a fire rages out of control in the Chicago area, the Pyromach may very well be nearby.

Description: The Pyromach appears to be a Roman legionnaire clad in brass armor that constantly licks with flame. His skin is deep black, though the glow of flame emanates from cracks in his skin, like seeing magma glow through cracks in the earth’s surface. He wields a gladius of flame, and his testudo is brass-studded obsidian.

Summon: When summoned, the Pyromach expects violence and the opportunity to burn the material world immediately; it is how he proves his dedication to the Court of Mars. He can be talked into holding off such desires for a while, but a summoner that summons him, keeps him on hold and then fails to fulfill his promise will be attacked (assuming he is capable of doing so, of course).

  • Attributes: Power 3, Finesse 7, Resistance 5; Willpower: 8; Essence: 15; Initiative: 12; Defense: 7; Speed: 20; Size: 5; Corpus: 10
  • Influences: Fire 2; Numina: Blast, Command Fire, Discorporation, Material Vision, Materialize; Bans: As one of the least kinds of Fire Chorus spirits, Flame Descant spirits are required to demonstrate subservience and obedience to other spirits of the Elemental Order. The Pyromach must depart any area where it is confronted by an Elemental spirit of greater Rank.