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One of the oldest of the remaining werewolf blood lineages, the Randalls of Astoria have all but died out.

Linda Randall

  • 1860: Linda Randall is born in New England to a now-extinct branch of the Randall Family based out of Maine.
  • 1884: Linda Randall, moves to Astoria in the heydey of its growth.
    • Ever a cantankerous sort, she opens a brothel.
    • She is known to have been an alpha at the time she arrived, and quickly established her own territory in the growing settlement.
  • 1898: Aedia is born to Linda, her father unknown though family lore suggests she is the daughter of one of Linda's pack. She is Wolfborn.
  • 1904: Auden is born to Linda; his father is also unknown. Auden is also Wolfborn, though he quickly proves to be something of a handful, being headstrong and willful.
  • 1920: Linda Randall dies of a Shadow disease at the age of 60, and Aedia inherits the alpha role unchallenged.

Aedia Randall

  • 1923: Auden leaves Astoria, unwilling to remain in the pack with his older sister as his alpha.
  • 1926: Aedia marries Stellan Carter, a fisherman whom she Bit the year previous.
  • 1929: Arthur is born to Aedia and Stellan.
  • 1935: Conflict begins to develop between some of the founding families of Astoria and the Randall pack. There is clearly some supernatural element behind those Five Families.
  • 1937: After a terrible final clash between the Five Families and their sorcerous patrons and the Randall pack that leaves half the pack (including her beloved Stellan) dead, Aedia packs up her family and pack, and they leave Astoria for the Washington coast several hours away.
    • Aedia dies the same year when the sorcerers find her and finish their conflict. They warn her son and pack to never return to Astoria again.
    • Arthur becomes the alpha of the much-smaller pack, settling down around Aberdeen, Washington.

Arthur Randall

  • 1942 - 1945: Arthur and several of his pack go away to fight in World War II.
  • 1945: Arthur and his pack return.
    • Though he has the Randall fortune (which is admittedly waning at this time), he takes up life as a fisherman, having fallen in love with the sea during his time in the Navy.
  • 1959: Arthur meets Lynn Demarco, the daughter of a fisher family in Hoquiam, WA. The two fall in love, and he begins courting her.
  • 1960: Lynn discovers the truth about Arthur's Curse, but still loves him.
  • 1961: Arthur marries Lynn.
  • 1963: Amarissa is born to Arthur and Lynn. She is Wolfborn, and comes into her Wolf at the age of 12. She grows up on Arthur's stories about his mother and the Astoria pack.
  • 1967: Cynthia is born to Arthur and Lynn. She is not Wolfborn, and has a life-long fear of the world of werewolves.
  • 1982: Arthur dies in conflict with another pack. Lynn immediately falls ill in her grief.

Amarissa Randall

  • 1983: Lynn passes less than a year after Arthur, never really recovering from Arthur's death.
  • 1984: Afflicted with a certain degree of restlessness, Amarissa takes her small pack (no more than two other werewolves at that time) traveling with her.
  • 1986: Amarissa is initiated into the Cult of the Half Moon, and she continues her exploration into the waning society of werewolves.
  • 1989: Amarissa meets Dennis Walder, a German werewolf who is also quite wealthy, and the two begin a whirlwind romance. He joins her pack, and also introduces her to the Lodge of the Black Forest, a lodge that communes closely with woodlands with origins in the Black Forest. She is initiated into the Lodge the same year.
  • 1990: Amarissa and Dennis marry. He keeps his name, and adds his own fortunes to the Randall wealth, boosting it significantly.
  • 1991: Aedia is born to Amarissa and Dennis while in Switzerland, and Amarissa feels the urge to return home.
    • She returns to Aberdeen, WA, but feels discontent, remembering the stories her father used to tell her about Astoria.
  • 1992: Aedia stealthily returns to Astoria on Walpurgisnacht, and experiences the woods around Astoria with a sense of tear-inducing homecoming.
    • She takes an oath to the spirits of the Lodge to return home to those woods some day.
    • Amarissa begins working to place people in positions where they can watch the dynamic among the Five Families to look for her opportunity to return somehow.
  • 1996: As part of her associations with the Cult of the Moon, Amarissa meets Volk, the alpha of the Coastal Range pack. He seems supportive of her desire to return to Astoria.
  • 2010: The Five Families contact Amarissa through her contacts (whom she assumed were hidden).
    • They indicate they are leaving Astoria permanently, and offer various properties to her for prodigious prices.
    • With a little research, she discovers they are all moving to either Seattle or Portland.
    • She accepts, and returns to Astoria.
      • She is accompanied by her packmates Desmond and Martin.
      • Two Coastal Range werewolves leave Volk's pack to join Amarissa: Vanya, who is a close friend of Amarissa's, and Orlando, who grew up in and still maintained family in Astoria.
      • That year, Amarissa discovered an Omega named Victor near Saddle Mountain, and invited the young Clatsop man to join her pack. He accepted.
    • Surveying the state of the town, Amarissa hits on an idea to revitalize it: the upgrading of the local community college into a full state university.
    • With her wealth and contacts, she facilitates this fairly quickly, with its first two years accreditation meeting standards right away, and construction to expand the university's campus area starting immediately.
  • 2011: Aedia transfers from Berkeley to the University of Astoria.
    • Orlando tells Amarissa of a young man who collapsed from leukemia that he'd grown fond of. She visits him and offers him the Bite; Reese accepts.
    • Conflict breaks out between Volk's pack and the Astoria pack, as Volk suddenly and seemingly without cause reverses his decision to support them. He insists his old packmates return, and they refuse.
    • In the summer, Volk launches an assault on the Astoria pack. Several of the old pack die defending their alpha, but for naught - Volk kills Amarissa in combat.
    • Aedia inherits her mother's alpha status.

Aedia Randall

  • 2011: Aedia and the remnants of her pack manage to chase Volk's pack away.
    • He gives her a single year of mourning for her mother (traditional in the Cult of the Moon), but promises to return the next year and destroy them all if they are still in Astoria at the end of that period.
    • Aedia ends up giving a bartender named Cecil the Bite that winter.