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The River Sparrow (cross-section)

The River Sparrow is fairly typical for a Riverlin vessel - several decks, with a relatively flat bottom. Though it is built on inspiration from larger sea-going vessels, the River Sparrow is somewhat cramped on its interior: the ceilings tend to be just about six feet in height or so, lending a vaguely claustrophobic feeling to its interiors.


[edit] Deck Plans

[edit] Top Decks

  • Foredeck: Piled here and there with crates likely to be of immediate use, the foredeck is mostly empty. The sail boom usually extends out over it, forming something of a small hazard while actually sailing (as compared to simply steering with the current), and there are various bits of rigging tied to spots around the foredeck here and there. River Sword, Sapphire Veil and Aapo have all used this area for training, and Crimson Slate generally does her elemental summoning from here.
  • Asterndeck: The asterndeck is less cluttered with rigging and crates than the foredeck. It is slightly higher than the foredeck as well, granting a fair view to the pilot while standing at the pilot's wheel located here. This is generally the muster deck for ship defense and general gatherings of the crew.

[edit] Main Deck

The River Sparrow
  • Main Deck: The deck situated slightly lower between the foredeck and asterndeck, the main deck can easily seem crowded - it is a busy place with scurrying sailors, lots of rigging and various crates and barrels lashed to the side. It also features the massive main mast, as well as the small roofed structure (the top of which actually can be folded aside, as it is on hinges) that protects the ramp down into the aft hold. Additionally, there are two staircases up to the foredeck, another two up to the asterndeck and a staircase down to the Guest Quarters. Finally, two doors between the foredeck staircases open onto the staterooms on this level, and a set of doubledoors between the asterndeck staircases open onto the Galley.
  • State Rooms: The state rooms are nicely appointed cabins, with sizeable windows overlooking the front of the ship, a large bunk beneath that window, a table with several chairs and a smaller bunk that folds down out of the wall in the room.
  • Galley: The galley is the combination kitchen and dining area aboardship. It has a very simple stove and food storage area, plus several large built-in trestle tables. Barrels of water are also stored here, built into the walls and fitted with spigots to allow for easy access. The benches here have pillows and the room is blessed with other Riverlin comforts most riverboats don't have. Winter Duty pretty much rules the roost here, as the ship-matron.
  • Pilot's Quarters: On any Riverlin boat, the pilot receives the most respect and obedience from the crew, and so receives the most ample quarters as well. Foam Dancer's quarters are fitted with shelves with plenty of books, a map table with a number of maps pinned to its surface, and a fairly large bunk, with ample storage space built into the locking drawers beneath it.

[edit] Quarter Deck

[edit] Cargo Deck

  • Private Hold: Aboard most Riverlin boats, the private hold is either rented out to passengers for their precious belongings, or used by the Riverlin themselves for their most valued possessions. Currently, the private hold aboard the River Sparrow acts as the retreat for Gold in the Shallows, a sobeksis summoned by Crimson Slate and bound to act as the ship's medic.
  • Forward Cargo Hold: The forward cargo hold has lots of open space, with brackets built into the walls to hold large crates and the like that are stacked atop one another. Currently, the forward cargo hold houses ship's supplies and the like.
  • Midship Hammocks: This tucked-away area is usually used to string hammocks three high between the mast and the wooden braces that extend from floor to ceiling. The crew isn't large enough aboard the River Sparrow to warrant the necessity of using this space for sleeping, so the younger shipboard denizens have basically claimed it as their play-space.
  • Bunks: The bunkrooms have four bunks built in along their forward walls, with a long table along the aft wall. They are also cunningly rigged to fold down a fifth and sixth bunk from the walls, though those accomodations tend to be somewhat cramped for those on the middle and top bunks. Currently, that isn't necessary in the least, as there are only two people in each of the bunk rooms. Basically, one bunk room is set aside for Riverlin, and the other for travelers.
  • Aft Cargo Hold: While the aft cargo hold normally contains the ship's normal stores, half of those have been moved to the forward cargo hold to provide space for Fidelis, the automaton mount that belongs to Crimson Slate. He has easy access to the upper decks through the ramp that leads up to the Main Deck from this chamber.
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