Salt Lord Houses

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Salt Lords

House Jordayne (Major)

The Tor lies on the edge of the Sea of Dorne, where visitors can witness the tug of the surf as it endlessly braids itself into the strand. His House's arms are light and dark green checked, with a golden quill; their words are Let It Be Written.

  • Lord Edmyr Jordayne is the Lord of his House and its seat, the Tor, on the northern coast of Dorne. Lord Edmyr is a fine sailor, and often takes to the waves in his flagship, the Inkwave. (34 years)

House Toland (Major)

The dragon inscribed on the Tolands’ arms is meant to signify that time is an everlasting cycle, with no end or beginning. Their castle resides in the northeastern section of Dorne, near the Broken Arm. Their arms are a green dragon, biting its tail, on a field of gold; their words are Without Beginning or End.

  • Lord Sigorn Toland rules his House from their seat of Ghost Hill. He walks with a pronounced limp. (40 years)

House Gargalen (Minor)

Gargalen's seat is located on the Summer Sea coastline almost due south from Godsgrace. House Gargalen's arms are a red cockatrice with a black snake in its beak, on a field of gold; their words are Honor and Dedication.

  • Lady Lythene Gargalen is the current Lady of Salt Shore. Before she inherited, she was known to be something of a fierce fighter, often dressing up as one of her father's common soldiers to sneak out on maneuvers with them, much to her parents' consternation and fury. (52 years)