Shattered Covenant Group Patron

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Options are:

Adventurer's Guild/Company

Your group belongs to an established guild of adventurers, or are the newest recruits/apprentices for a long-standing adventuring company with some history.

Crime Syndicate

Your group are agents for a criminal enterprise, tasked with work that your skills are perfect for. Possible Patrons:

  • The Xanathar's Thieves Guild: A notorious and secretive criminal enterprise operated by a figure known only as the Xanathar. Though they are based out of Waterdeep primarily, they do have operatives throughout the North.
  • The Zhentarim: Though the Zhentarim has an outward face of mercenaries and merchants, they also maintain teams of criminal operatives who work to undermine power in ways that benefit the organization.
  • The Shadow Thieves: An ancient thieves guild that once operated in Waterdeep before it was cast out. Sworn to find a way to re-establish themselves in that old city, and currently engaged in setting up operations throughout the North in preparation to do just that.

Entertainment Troupe

Your group are members of a troupe of entertainers, minstrels, or actors.

Espionage Agency

Your group are special agents for an intelligence and espionage organization of some kind.

Head of State

Your group are the specialized agents deployed by a head of state or other ruler/leader figure.

Immortal Being

Your group are the operatives employed by an immortal being significant power, such as a spirit, a sphinx, an otherworldly entity, or a dragon. Possible Patrons:

  • Old Snarl: A mighty red dragon who maintains a vast network of operatives and worshippers to observe the goings-on in the territory of the North he considers his own.
  • The Forge-Lord of Illefarn: A dwarven lord of some kind of mighty power, the Forge-Lord has a smattering of operatives who oversee his will on the outside world, and are rewarded with power for their efforts.
  • Turlang the Tree-King: A mighty and powerful treant aligned with the Emerald Enclave, Turlang maintains his own network of operatives to assist him in gathering intelligence and accomplishing tasks beyond the boundaries of the High Forest.

Inquisitive Agency (aka Detectives)

Your group work for an agency dedicated to unravelling disappearances and other mysteries.

Military Force

Your group are specialists in service to a military organization or mercenary company of some kind.

  • The Waterdhavian Guard: One of the widest-spread military forces in the North, the Waterdhavian Guard frequently employs persons of atypical military skills to investigate and deal with dangers to those places under the protection of the Guard.
  • Forces of Gauntlgrym: The newly-settled dwarfhold of Gauntlgrym retook the ancient citadel in 1484 DR from the drow who held it for so long. To do this, they put together a military force from among many disparate peoples. Now, Gauntlgrym frequently sends those self-same forces to aid those who aided them.
  • Mercenary Company: Small mercenary bands are a matter of course in the North. Some operate out of places notorious for their sellswords (Mintarn, for example), while others are business ventures owned by the wealthy (many Waterdhavian noble houses hold multiple such mercenary companies). Others still are independent outfits, or secretly aligned with other organizations (notably the Zhentarim).


Your group work for a producer of broadsheets and other print-lore, dedicated to gathering information for use by that publisher.

Noble House

Your group are employed by a House or clan of nobility as retainers, sent out to look after their interests in difficult situations.

Religious Order

Your group are in service to a church or religious organization, deployed to further the aims of the faith.

University/Place of Learning

Your group are specialists and agents of a center of learning, sent out to recover old lore and assist scholars.