Status (ATO)

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Status •: New Chapter Brother

You are new to your chapter, if not the fraternal organization as a whole.

  • Benefit: You gain a bonus equal to the dots in this Merit to all social rolls with worldwide members of the fraternity who know you are a member, both students and alumni.

Status ••: Standing Chapter Member

You have been part of your chapter for a while, and are regarded as a good and upstanding member of that chapter.

  • Benefit: Your time with the fraternity puts you in good contact with other Hellenic societies on campus. You gain one dot of Allies (Greek Society).

Status •••: Chapter President

You are a leader in your chapter, acting as its president and representing it to the larger fraternal body as a whole

  • Benefit: You are in touch with an impressive array of useful individuals, in the form of both your brothers, other fraternity members and alumni. You gain the Fixer Merit.

Status ••••: Board Member

You sit on the fraternal board of operations. Most members who reach this status are alumni.

  • Benefit: As a member of the governing body of the ATO, you know a wide variety of useful individuals in many walks of life. You gain three dots of Contracts to reflect these friends.

Status •••••: Fraternity Chairman

You are the chairman of the fraternity board of operations

  • Benefit: Your position has won you a number of benefits. Good business deals seem to fall into your lap, increasing your Resources by one dot (though not higher than ••••). Additionally, you also gain two dots of Allies to reflect influential people who owe you favors.