Status (University of Astoria)

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Status •: Employee or TA

You are an employee of the university, or a student TA.

  • Benefit: You gain a bonus equal to the dots in this Merit to all social rolls with the university's staff and student body.

Status ••: Professor or Veteran Employee

You are an untenured professor of the university, or an employee who has been there for a while or otherwise holds some degree of authority within it.

  • Benefit: As a new school, the University of Astoria can afford to attract very skilled individuals, picking and choosing the best potential employees. This rank grants you the Area of Expertise Merit.

Status •••: Tenured Professor or Administration

You are a tenured professor of one of the university's colleges. Alternately, you may be a member of the university's administrative staff.

  • Benefit: You can requisition goods or services of Availability •• or less, as long as it ties in some way to your professional requirements.

Status ••••: Dean or Upper Administration

You are the dean of one of the colleges, or a member of the upper administration of the university.

  • Benefit: You have a staff of teachers or employees at your beck and call, giving you the equivalent of Staff •••.

Status •••••: University President

You are the president of the university.

  • Benefit: As the president of the university, you gain several benefits, in the form of Merits: Resources •••, Contacts ••• (Academia, Astoria Politics, Oregon Politics) and Safe Place ••• (the President's House, located near campus).