Tales from the Careless Whisper

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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign set in Eberron


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Player Characters

  • XXX, xxx; played by Eric
  • XXX, xxx; played by Dan
  • XXX, xxx; played by Ted
  • XXX, xxx; played by John
  • XXX, xxx; played by Ryan
  • XXX, xxx; played by Noah

Group Milestones

Current: 4 Milestones

3rd Level: 8 Milestones

Campaign Information

Non-Player Characters

The Careless Whisper Dancehall and Inn

  • Lhara Daela
  • Adnama Fareous

Morgrave University

  • Proctor Nigel Fareous

Dragonmarked Houses

  • House Cannith: A house of wanderers and travelers, with interests in shipping, navigation, cartography, and exploration.

Eberron Background