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[edit] The Sacrarium

Tamers of Stone ultimately tap into the place-magics of buildings, using sacred geometry and ancient geomantic lores. Tamers come in one of two varieties: architects (who use Science) and masons (who use Crafts). Regardless of whether their work on a building involves designing it or actually building it, the work a Tamer of Stone does on a building allows him to use his Attainments on such a structure. Any building that a Tamer has designed or helped construct is referred to as a sacrarium (plural sacraria) within the Legacy. In addition to the benefits of using his various Attainments with respect to those buildings, a Tamer is considered to have an Intimate Sympathy to the sacrarium (although it does not have one to him).

Tamers can also attune themselves to buildings not of their own design and construction with an in-depth study of that building. This simply requires time, depending on the size of building: a house or smaller building can be attuned in an hour, a larger complex (such as a school or mall) might take a day and the very largest of buildings (such as sky scrapers or massive historical sites) can take as long as a week. Once that time has passed, the Tamer may burn a dot of Willpower (which can be recovered normally), at which point that building is counted among his sacraria, as though he'd had a hand in developing or building it.

Tamers' Resonances tend to affect their sacraria, and vice versa. A Tamer who is wealthy and prosperous tends to attract good business to the buildings he constructs, but should one of his sacraria fall into great tragedy sufficient to attaint its Resonance, the Tamer might find his own health or luck being affected negatively in return. As a result of this connection, those who read a Tamer's Aura can see strange, flickering Resonances in it, patterns that suggest that the Tamer is connected to something much bigger than himself, spiritually speaking.

[edit] Attainments

[edit] First Attainment: Master of the Sacrarium

Requirement: Gnosis 3, Space 2, Matter 1, Craft 2 or Science 2

  • Natural Wards: Space ••. All of a Tamer's sacraria benefit from a naturally occurring Ward (Space 2) with a Potency equal to the Tamer's Space + Gnosis. This rating increases as the Tamer's Traits increase, regardless of how long ago that structure was made one of his sacraria. Though these wards can be eroded as normal by piercing them, they regenerate a point of Potency per week.
    • A Tamer can even use the natural structure of a non-sacrarium building to ward it with his arts by studying it for one scene and making a Wits + Investigation + Space roll. The resulting ward has a Potency equal to the successes rolled, to a maximum of the Tamer's Space + Gnosis. This ward erodes at a rate of one Potency per day.
  • Eye for Secrets: Matter •. Tamers also have a natural eye for secret panels and passages, giving them the effects of a permanent Find the Hidden Hoard spell at a Potency equal to their Matter + Gnosis. The use of this ability is not limited to his sacraria.

[edit] Second Attainment: The Ever-Watching Eye

Requirement: Gnosis 5, Space 3, Prime 2 (optional), Craft 3 or Science 3

  • The Master Watches: Space •••. The Tamer's awareness of his surroundings seems to innately extend to his sacraria at this Attainment. This manifests in two ways. When he is within one of his sacraria, this is treated as the spell Eyes of the Building, granting the Tamer awareness of what is occurring within the building, allowing him to notice events of interest that go on with standard Perception tests as though he stood in the same room where they occurred as long as he is in the building itself.
    • When not within one of his sacraria, however, a Tamer may turn his awareness to the interior of any of those buildings with an effect similar to the spell Multispatial Perception, allowing him to effectively naturally scry on his sacraria with a Wits + Investigation + Space roll, viewing one location within one of his sacraria per success on that test.
  • Defensive Ley Lines: Prime ••. If a Tamer is also an Apprentice of Prime, his sacraria are protected from magical influence as though by the spell Magic Shield, subtracting a number of dice equal to the Tamer's Prime Arcanum from spells intended to change, alter or otherwise change (for good or ill) the sacrarium.

[edit] Third Attainment: Sacrarium Magna

Requirements: Gnosis 7, Space 4, Matter 3 (optional), Mind 3 (optional) Craft 4 or Science 4

  • The Singular Construction: Space •••• Having achieved this level of understanding of the Legacy's truths, the Tamer understands himself to be part of a singular existence with his sacraria: not only are they all a single entity, but he himself is part of that gestalt. To this end, the Tamer need only shift his awareness to one of his sacraria in order to be there, an effect that functions as the Co-Locate spell, save that it can only place the Tamer in one of his sacraria. This is activated through the use of a Resolve + Craft or Science + Space roll.
    • If he chooses, the Tamer need not shift his whole body to these sites, but may simply expand his awareness to include them, allowing him to use the Eyes of the Building effect even when he isn't within the sacrarium he wishes to perceive.
    • If the Tamer possesses Mind •••, he may benefit from an effect identical to Multi-Tasking for the purpose of using his various Attainments, as well.
  • The Sacrarium Obeys: Matter •••. The Tamer's connection to his sacraria is more than just perceptual or conceptual - it is an actual connection that includes even the physicality of that building. The Tamer who chooses to do so may cause the physical components of one of his sacraria to move, functioning as though the building itself were under an Animate Object effect. No roll is necessary, and one single movement may be enacted per turn, albeit doing so is a Reflexive action. Doors open, elevators stop between floors, security and fire suppression systems activate and security cameras follow unwanted intruders into such places. The Tamer can use this effect on any sacrarium that he is physically in, or just using Eyes of the Building on. If he is benefitting from the Multi-Tasking effect above, he can even cause multiple movements of the building's construction in a single turn.
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