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Twelve-year old Obrimos. The cabal has decided that for now they will act as her guardians, while she receives her formal training with Aquinas.

[edit] Notes

  • Initially just a twelve year old girl suspected of being abuse
  • This case was being investigated by Malcolm until his memory failed him & following a nightmare filled sleep, he turned the case over to the cabal and left for a few days vacation.
  • The foster parents of the girl were hundreds of years old, being sustained by a terrible Gulmoth. The beast was destroyed by the cabal, the foster parents aged to dust & the dwelling was incinerated to a fine ash.
  • Rasayana is now Tanya's legal guardian
  • Malachite & Issa act as the overindulging uncles who seek to spoil her given their crummy childhoods
  • Loves flowers
  • A common phrase that seems to have some import & surrounds the girl, "she is coming" - said by both the Ivory-Winged Cherub (the Gulmoth) as well as one of the angels she encountered during her Awakening
  • Has chosen the Shadow name Celandine, which in the Victorian language of flowers means "joys to come"
  • Tanya now has her very own hyena pup named Orchid that she chose from those Jelani raises in Africa
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