Tears of the Moon

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[[Spelljamming Helms]] <br> [[Spelljamming Helms]] <br>
[[Spelljamming Ships]] [[Spelljamming Ships]]
 +== Resources ==
 +[[Minah's Log]]

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A Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition Chronicle, set in Realmspace



  • Andalyra, half-elf cleric of Selûne, Sailor Background
  • Niedria Seafang, half-elf (air genasi) djinn-pact warlock, Pirate Background
  • Ramas Fezim, human wizard, Sage Background
  • Eiche Gildenbough, quarter-elf (half-orc) fighter, City Watch Background
  • Mineh, human bard, Oracle of the Moon Background


Ships Crew


House Rules

Spelljamming Helms
Spelljamming Ships


Minah's Log

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