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  • Guard Barracks: City Guard Barracks (Southern Castle Ward)
  • Guard Smithy: Smithy for City Guard
  • Bell Tower: A simple bell tower used to signal fires, attacks and calls for assembly at the Palace. (15 Guard at all times)
  • Palace Storage: Warehouses for Piergeiron's Palace
  • Palace Stables: Stables for Piergeiron's Palace
  • Palace Paddocks: Paddocks for Piergeiron's Palace
  • Walking Statue: One of the eight known 90-foot-tall stone golems created by Khelben Arunsun to defend any gaps in Waterdeep's defenses, this regal figure stands at the Gull Leap cliff at the end of Julthoon Street.
  • Peaktop Aerie: Headquarters for griffon mounts of City Guard
  • Watching Towers: Sentry Towers
  • Piergeiron's Palace: The center of Waterdeep's government with various courts, embassies and city offices therein, as well as the living chambers of the Open Lord Piergeiron the Paladinson.
  • Castle Waterdeep: Castle for the Masked Lords of Waterdeep and the Magistrates' Courts.
  • Ahghairon's Tower: The slim stone tower of the original First Lord of the city that is surrounded by invisible magical barriers that suspend the skeletal remains of a wizard that tried to get into the tower.