The Dontal Subsector

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Home to the massive TransCast Aerospace Orbital Dockyards, Rantooine was once a verdant place but has since become an industrialized forge world where great foundaries work round the clock to produce machinery, droids, equipment and starship components. While Dontal Station supports the companies administrative headquarters, Rantooine represents its full scale production facilities and travel between the two by corporate exec's and other personnel is nearly constant. As the company effectively owns the entire planet, it also boasts large scale salvage and junk yards that cover entire continents and are home to dozens if not hundreds of desperate and hostile species. To ensure these 'natives' do not adversely effect production for the thousands of factories, TransCast operates one of the largest private armies in the Outer Rim, let alone the Durallian Sector. Composed mostly of military grade battle droids, this security force protects not only the planets surface but also the dockyards above. Because of its production capabilities, the dockyard has also been contracted to provide all of the repairs and maintenance for the Imperial Sector Fleet, and thus there is a strong Imperial presence in the system.
Outer Rim, Industrial Center


A jungle world home to nexu, acklay, gundarks and even rancors. None of these creatures are known to be native to the world, and if the long forgotten ruins are any indication, they may have been transplanted here by some long lost spacefaring civilization. Though they tend to avoid direct contact with Trandoshan hunting parties, the Rodians have a thriving community within a series of restored ruins on the far side of the planet.
Outer Rim, Backwater


Colonies of Trandoshans are a rare sight away from their system, however, the agrarian moon of Ssy-cal has supported an enclave of these infamous lizardmen for nearly a millennia. The enclave has produced some of the most skilled and infamous trackers, huntsmen, and bounty hunters in the region. The reason these masters of the Hunt have remained in the area for so long is their proximity allow ventures down to the jungle world of Ssy-haa around which their enclave orbits.
Outer Rim, Uncivilized


The watery world of Kusk is in a geosynchronous orbit of its primary and this has created two distinct environments. The far or Frost side of the planet exists in a perpetual state of bitter cold. For as far as the eye can see great glaciers and snowdrifts cover the landscape. On the starward or Spate side, the worlds vast ocean prevents temperatures for become inhospitable through the creation of massive storm systems that rage across the planet. As these storms reach the Frost side, they turn to tremendous blizzards that deposit the frozen water back down... allowing the cycle to continue endlessly. There is no known life or settlements on the Frost side, though rumors persist of secret pirate havens or smuggler dens, but under the immense oceans of the Spate side, Aqualish have establish a respectably large aquatic community, which is home to not only the Aqualish themselves but also numerous other aquatic species. There are several small settlements along the scatter archipelagos but the massive storms that regularly rage across the planet make maintaining them extremely expensive. Because of this the subsurface communities regularly feature landing pads and docking bays that can be subsequently submerged - and entire habitats for surface dwellers.
Outer Rim, Uncivilized

Dontal Station

Dontal Station is a truly massive freestanding space station located in deep space between several systems but along on of the minor hyperspace trails. The Station was built over the millennia out of the hulking remains of one of the great hyperspace beacons that allowed interstellar travel before nav-computers and astromechs. This incredible object dwarfs even the massive Star Destroyers of the Imperial Fleet. The Station has declared itself as neutral and 'sovereign' territory, but the Empire does have a permanent presence on the station and operates one element of its Sector Fleet here. This mammoth base is also home to an Klatooinian Trade Guild corporate office, headed by a powerful and charismatic Hutt. Several corporations have offices on the station including Meeronal Mining, TransCast Aerospace, and dozens of others. Further more the station is known for its expansive and opulent casinos, pleasure houses, and slave auctions.
Outer Rim, Hyperspace Port, Center of Civilization

Unalla II

The only inhabited planet in the Unalla System, Unalla II is a humid world of dense jungles and shallow marshlands. This has prevented large scale developments from being built on the ground, however great stone arches stretch for dozens of kilometers, remnants of a long dried sea, and sizable settlements have been built along them. In particular, the city of Stargate is under-slung along one of these arches and is a frequent stop over between the Gateway Subsector and Dontal Station.

Rarity Modifiers

Outer Rim: +2 to an Items Rarity
Backwater World: +2 to an Items Rarity
Hyperspace Port: -1 to an Items Rarity
Industrial Center: -1 to Item Rarity.
Uncivilized Planet: +4 to an Items Rarity
Center of Civilization: -1 to an Items Rarity