The Gateway Subsector

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An ecumenopolis, much like Coruscant, Durall has prospered for thousands of years due to its proximity to Ryloth and the Corellian Run. Nearly all official (and unofficial) trade ends up routing through the planets expansive spaceports on its way out to the rest of the galaxy. The planet is ruled by an oligarchy of rich, powerful and influential families - though Imperial influence here is strangely at a minimum. Like most city-worlds throughout the galaxy the upper levels of the city are home to its affluent denizens. The deeper you go, however, the more unruly and violent the city becomes. The Pyke Syndicate is known to operate from the depths of this world, using their ties on Ryloth to move Ryll along the Death Wind Corridor, without being exposed to the Imperial Garrison on the Twi'lek homeworld. While Humans make up the majority of this worlds residents, it also boasts a sizable population of Twi'leks, Arkanians, and Rodians.


This world serves as the Imperial Stronghold in the region. The young Imperial Governor and his advisors, including the dreaded Imperial Security Bureau operate from the various residential and industrial spawls. The world is largely unremarkable, with mild mountains, plains and deep oceans - which gives it mild... even pleasant... weather. Due to it's permanent Imperial presence however, most people in the Sector avoid Tinaan. The Imperial Sector Army is based here, and numbers into the tens of thousands, including their associated heavy support equipment.

ORD Jentrek

Home to the Imperial Sector Fleet, the ancient ORD station has been renovated so that it can perform its fleet support duty. The entire system is under Imperial control and serves has the command post for Imperial military operations in the region. The fleet is centered around a venerable but operational Mandator-II Class Star Dreadnaught, a small handful of newer Imperial Class Star Destroyer and dozens of Victory Class Star Destroyers as well as numerous small support ships. Deployment of the Fleet, however is rare and rumor suggests that there is some animosity between the Imperial Governor and the Fleet Admiral.


The mist shrouded world of Mora is somewhat of an oddity in the Sector. Hundreds of years ago, the Banking Clan built a series of massive city complexes that were held aloft over the boggy surface by massive repulsor sleds. Once their business dealings were completed, the Clan began to look for an interested party to take over the entire multi-city project. A consortium of wealthy Harch and Toydarians purchased the project, but poor revenues led to many of the cities being abandoned - and eventually crashing to the mist covered swamps below. Since then several species have moved into the trash landed city complexes - namely Jawas and Ugnaughts have taken over what is now known as Tinker-Town, while a sizable group of Gand have colonized and operate out of another - subsisting off of the ammonia gases that filled the city after its mechanical systems failed. Two of these flying cities remain in services, drifting elegantly amongst the clouds. The Harch and Toydarians consortium has since fractured and each has assumed control of one of the remaining complexes.