The Klet Subsector

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Nar Galla

Once, the Great Hutt Clans control vast portions of the Outer Rim, including much of the Durallian Sector. The transformed a world within it to serve as their main base of operation and staging ground and dubbed it Nar Galla. As the Hutt Space contracted, the great Clans seceded their control of the Sector to the Republic but they maintained control of Nar Galla. The world is part modernized trade hub, and part industrial wasteland, much in keeping with Hutt business doctrine. It is from here that the great Hutts maintain much of their legitimate and illegitimate business interests in the Region. One of the more curious features of the world is the massive floating palace of Divato the Hutt, which lazily roams the skies by means of six Hutt pleasure-barges.


An arid and inhospitable world of vast irradiated deserts and imposing mountain ranges. Scattered communities of Humans and Gran eek out an existence in either subterranean complexes or modified bulk freighters, it is the Twi'leks and most importantly the Chevin have made Destalon their adoptive home. The Chevin in particular have developed massively large mechanized cities that crawl along the blasted surface moving from one valuable mineral pocket to the next. This has led to the Chevin have close ties to the Meeronal Mining Consortium, the Mining Guilds local representatives.

Corsair's Cove, the Quwatin Reef and the Klet Nebula

If Durall represents the 'gateway' into the Sector, the Klet Nebula is it's far end. Devoid of any real government, the gaseous Nebula sprawls out over the area of an entire star system. Smugglers, Pirates and other Scoundrels have used this massive stellar oddity for countless millennia to hide from both legitimate and illicit pursuers. One of its more interesting features is the Quwatin Reef; a massive asteroid belt that marks the remains of a rogue planet. Navigating the Nebula is challenging, in-and-of itself, but the Reef has been disastrous to countless pilots unfamiliar with the area. But deep within the belt, built into the broken planets lonely moon is a 'Shadowport' known as Corsair's Cover. Here, adventurous (and lucky) spacers can find services and gear of all kinds that may prove elusive elsewhere, if they survive getting through the hazards. The Crimson Corsair's took over the facility years ago, hence it's new name, and the moon serves as their base of operations. To facilitate profits and trade, however, the Corsair's never... EVER... engage in their chosen profession in the general vicinity of the Nebula and will aggressively attack any hostile group that does so.

The Great Ship Graveyard

By the number of blasted hulks that are adrift around a lifeless planetoid, the site was the sight of some massive starship battle some time in the past. Hundreds upon hundreds of ships are here, and not only is the area regularly visited by salvage operations, less legitimate spacers have used this debris field to hide from pursuers by simply powering down and allowing their ship to go adrift. The system itself has no inhabitable planets, however a group of industrious Nikto have converted one of the mostly intact Cruisers into a base of operations several generations ago, and an entire community now specializes in trading the salvage they get for whatever they need.

Looffin III

Located on the edge of the Klet Subsector, Looffin III is a poor, resource staved world home to numerous small settlements of humans, Twi'leks, and Devorians. The city of Skyfall is known to serve as the base of operation for Geskat's Gangers... a collection of street-thugs, spice dealers, swoop racers and amateur pirates. Geskat styles himself as a cultured business man, but is little more than a leg-breaker with a short temper. Due to the amount of traffic that passes through the miserably humid world, however, rumor has it that Geskat has ties to some much larger syndicate.