The Quad

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The Main Quad
A center of student life, with a large concrete plaza built around a fountain. The perimeter of the plaza is surrounded by tile-inset picnic tables and benches, with other benches along its sidewalks leading to the buildings nearby.
• Locus •• Resonance: Academia • Touchstone: Fountain
• Influence: The influence of this locus covers the majority of the quad, but nothing beyond it.
• Spirits: Little Bandit, spirit mascot of the university, plus a variety of other artificial and conceptual spirits of academia, learning, and its implements.
• Visions:
• Sudden panic at schoolwork yet unfinished, or tests on the horizon. Regret for schoolwork that wasn't up t snuff.
• Absent-mindedly extracting notes or textbooks and beginning to peruse them.
• Strange flickering beings, seen out of the corner of the eyes that seem to crowd around those who are studying, or menacing those who are chatting or socializing.
• Words that seem to crawl across the ground, emanating from the fountain and flowing outward.
Nearly any UofAstoria student, faculty or staff