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==Main Campus==
==Main Campus==
* '''Clatsop Hall:''' x
* '''Clatsop Hall:''' x

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Main Campus



  • Clatsop Hall: x
  • Student Center: x
  • Library: x
  • Athletics Center: x


  • Alter Hall: x
  • Art Center: x
  • Columbia Hall: x
  • Patriot Hall: x
  • Towler Hall: x
  • Hartnett Hall: x
  • Richmond Science Center: x
  • Innis Hall: x
  • Kant Hall: x
  • Delphis Hall: x

Greek Row

  • Alpha Tau Omega (Fraternity): x
  • Alpha Phi Omega (Service Cofraternity): x
  • Delta Omicron Sigma (Veterans' Cofraternity): x
  • Phi Sigma Nu (Native American Cofraternity): x
  • Pi Kappa Alpha (Fraternity): x
  • Theta Phi Alpha (Sorority): x

Dormitory Quads

  • Kayman Hall: x
  • Redhawk Hall: x
  • Garza Hall: x
  • Bendall Hall: x
  • Sanders Hall: x
  • Reyes Hall: x
  • Under Construction: x