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Tessa Edmonton
Dean of Students
Though she puts on a good front, everyone seems to know that Dean Edmonton is a harried woman - no surprise, considering she is the Dean of Students of a university still struggling to acquire a student population and prove itself in the national academic arena. Her one vice is her boat, the Rain Maid, which she occasionally uses to take a few members of the faculty (and a handful of students) out on the bay.
Season One: Tessa is revealed to have some kind of ongoing affair with Jace, a sugar momma relationship that appears to extend to administrative favors and even the gifting of a condo on the waterfront to him!
Season Two: During the first episode, Jace comes out of the Dog House to Tessa after she walks in on him and and Davis.
Common Locations: University of Astoria (Student Center, Clatsop Hall)
Avery Wendley
Student Advisor
A young student advisor in the university's administration, Avery is an old friend of Thomas Craig's grandfather (Avery's father and Thomas' grandfather served in the military together). Now that Thomas has enrolled in the university, Avery has promised to look after the young man and frequently takes him aside for "guidance counseling." Avery and Elaine have some measure of intimacy with one another; though Avery would like more from her, he can't seem to get her to look up from her journals for long enough to address the topic.
Season One: Avery tries his best to get and keep Elaine's romantic attention, but ultimately can't compete with the madness in her life, and she cuts him loose. He also does his best to be there for Thomas, but isn't in touch enough to do anything but show up to help pick up the pieces after Teresa's death, it seems.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Student Center, Clatsop Hall), Kaffe