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Financial Aid Office

Neva Collins
Administrative Assistant
Neva has worked at the university since it was still a community college, and is very familiar with its workings. She is pleasant but good at managing student freak-outs, and has rescued more than one student's academic career by pointing them toward alternate resources. She's a cellist with a local orchestra, as well.

Common Locations: Her City Center house, University of Astoria (Clatsop Hall)


Jarod Jalo
Head Librarian
Stella's only son, Jarod graduated from college just a few years ago with a dual degree in Computer Sciences and Information Sciences. He's been working for the city of Minneapolis since graduation. He used to be a Boy Scout, and knows Warner, though only tangentially, as he was several years older.
Season One: Seeing some of the strange difficulties entering his mother's life of late, Jarod has elected to move back to Astoria and use his degree in Information Systems to take a job as librarian at UofAstoria.

Common Locations: His mom's house, University of Astoria (Library)


Desmond Lancaster
Head of Security, Werewolf (Astoria Pack)
The head of security is well-respected for his calm demeanor and pleasant sense of humor that still contains just enough authority, making him perfect for dealing with prickly university students. He often answers calls himself, and is a very hands-on security officer.
Season One: Desmond was revealed to be a werewolf, part of the Astoria pack. He continues to mourn the deaths of his packmates of late.

Common Locations: University of Astoria


Orlando Guerra
Head Librarian, Werewolf (Astoria Pack)
Orlando is the head of the University of Astoria library, and one of those older university men that young coeds can't seem to ignore. Charming and erudite, he seems to perfectly combine altogether too many "older, educated man" tropes all in one, a fact that he seems charmingly embarrassed by. Fortunately, he's very good at his job, and has never become embroiled in any scandals of any sort.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Library), his City Center house