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Pi Kappa Alpha (PKA)
Once a Pike, always a Pike.
Resident Advisor: Symeon Alan Teallis. A slight, older man with a nervous disposition, most people agree that Symeon is wholly unprepared for the role of guardian of the PKAs. It doesn't help that his charges often call him "Symen" (pronounced "semen") to his face.
Members: 14 (1 senior, 5 juniors, 4 sophomores, 4 freshmen)
Chapter President: Nate Gruenwald. A senior about to earn a degree in finance, Nate comes from a rich family. His influence extends beyond the Pikes, too - he's a fairly important social figure in the fraternities of the university.
Standing Members: 8
New Members: 6
House: PKA House, Greek Row, University of Astoria
Status: Pi Kappa Alpha (PKA)

Fraternity known for its heavy partying. Ikea shelves socked with liqueur that Thomas and Theresa broke into.


  • Has a local reputation as being active the big party house, filled with dudebros of every stripe.

Rush Events


Standing Members

Roman McCloughsky
Physical Education & Sports Medicine (Junior); Baseball, Swim Team
One of the PKA mainstays, Roman is the proverbial "cock of the walk." He's used to landing all the ladies, and has a reputation of a lady-killer. He's also got a reputation (without sufficient legal precedent, unfortunately) as someone willing to resort to chemicals if his ladies are less-than-willing.
Season One: Roman got in a fight with Jace over dancing with Aedia at the Fall Formal.

Common Locations: PKA Fraternity House (Room xxx), University of Astoria (Athletics Center).
Wesley Cross
Psychology (Junior)
One of the fraternity's best-regarded brothers, Wesley is always on-scene to the big social events. He's pretty much guaranteed access to all the best parties. He's also the fraternity's best recruiter.

Common Locations: PKA Fraternity House (Room xxx), University of Astoria.