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Phi Sigma Nu (PSN)
Men of Valor, Men of Pride
Resident Advisor: Eugene Salinas. A fairly quiet older Hispanic man, Eugene runs a tight and organized ship, encouraging the young men and women of Phi Sigma Nu to create opportunities for responsibility within their House.
Members: 9 (2 senior, 4 juniors, 2 sophomores, 1 freshmen)
Chapter President: Paul Tuscody. Political Science Major (Senior). Paul is a serious young man who has already been accepted at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland for once he graduates. Paul has a reputation as a Cassanova, dating a wide variety of young women without entering into any real committed relationships. He's also very politically active in the Clatsop-Nehalem Confederation of Tribes, which his grandfather is an important member of.
Standing Members: 5
New Members: 4
House: DOS House, Greek Row, University of Astoria
Status: Phi Sigma Nu (PSN)

The Phi Sigma Nu mens' fraternity was among the first of the accepted fraternities on campus. The Clatsop-Nehalem Confederation has been a strong ally of the founding of the university since its inception, and they have left their mark on the university's history to date. Phi Sigma Nu forbids the use of alcohol in its initiations, considering them events of purification. Approximately half the members of the fraternity are local, hailing from the Clatsop-Nehalem Confederation or other local native peoples.


The members of the fraternity - which is the smallest on campus, with only nine members - have a reputation as being involved in social justice issues: not just those of concern to Native peoples, but also feminist and anti-racism concerns.

Rush Events

Because of the specific requirements of membership in the fraternity, Phi Sigma Nu sponsors a students-only potlatch during Rush week, and invites students from tribes outside of the Pacific Northwest to meetings with local elders, and tours of sites of First Nations relevance.


New Members

Victor Sutherland
Wildlife Conservation (Sophomore), Werewolf (Astoria Pack)
With a reputation for both intelligence and a temper, Victor is an intensely private person. He can also be very intimidating when he tries.
Season One: Victor turned out to be a werewolf with the Astoria pack. He also turned out to have been involved with Reese at one point, as well, though he clearly has a strong dislike for Reese for abandoning them.
Common Locations: PSN Fraternity House (Room xxx), University of Astoria (MERTS Campus, Delphis Hall).