UofA Queer Resource Center

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UofA Queer Resource Center
For all its good educational and community intentions, the fact is that the QRC serves as a central hub for students of the same orientation, making finding relationships less fraught with the potential for incompatible orientations. As a result, it has something of a reputation among gay students as the "queer dating service" for the university.
• Due to its resources, characters using the QRC's archives to do research on LGBT-based information gain a +1 bonus to the first three Research rolls.
GSA President: Perla Ramirez
GSA Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Elaine Litchfield
GSA Associate Sponsor: Professor Shemar Davis
GSA Members: Sandy Roberts, Zane Connley, Kerry Donahue

One of the dedicated organization rooms in the Student Center, the Queer Resource Center is intended as a safe space in which LGBTQ students and their allies can gather. It is intended to serve as a learning resource center as well, with plenty of educational materials. For the most part, though, it's a social gathering spot, and the headquarters for the Gay/Straight Alliance.


The QRC is a single large lounge/library area, with three smaller rooms off to one side. One of these rooms acts as the office for the GSA, with keys in the possession of Dr. Elaine Litchfield, its faculty sponsor, and the president of the organization. The other two, smaller rooms, are simply furnished to provide a safe, private space for just a few people to sit and chat.

The main room has a large television and space for plenty of people to lounge around and socialize. It also has a large open space, with lots of stacking chairs nearby for meetings and groups to use (those in the casual space are expected to be respectful of those involved in meetings or groups of some kind). The walls are have shelves for books and other resources that are partially full, and one wall even has a trio of computers intended for the use of the community.

Bad Moon Over Astoria

  • Season One: The peace of the GSA's group was broken by the Bonfire Night tragedy, leaving a number of its membership to mourn the deaths and injuries. Though Henry and Warner were originally members, their attendance dropped off after a while.