Warner's Loft

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Warner's Loft
Warner's Loft has become a favorite gathering spot for a number of the freshmen who don't really know anyone else in Astoria, who routinely get together here for pizza and video games.
Resident: Warner Pelt
The Freshmen: Thomas Michael Craig, Teresa Cantu, Jerome Tate, Danny Marin
Loft Floorplan

Located above the Dollhouse hair salon, Warner's loft is one of two such lofts, reached by a staircase around the back of the establishment, just off the place's small gravel parking lot. The stairs lead up to a sort of balcony with two doorways, one to each of the lofts.


Downstairs is a living room area with a couch and a huge TV that takes up almost an entire wall, a donation from Thomas and Teresa. Several consoles were also gathered by the students. "Gears of Duty" is the most common game of choice. Above in the sleeping area the window looks onto the athletic center and sports fields.

Bad Moon Over Astoria

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