Warner Pelt

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Warner Pelt
Warner Pelt2.jpg

Warner wolf.jpg
Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Resolve 2;
Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3;
Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 2
Mental: Academics 1, Crafts 2, Investigation 1, Medicine 1 (+1 First Aid), Science 1, Computer 1, Occult 1

Physical: Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Stealth 2 (+1 Outdoors), Survival 3,
Social: Animal Ken 2, Empathy 2, Expression 3(+1 Photography),

Mental: Make Do 1 (Survival), Make Do 1 (Medicine), Multilingual 2 (Latin, German, French, Italian), Trained Observer 1, Direction Sense 1, Holistic Awareness 1, Professional Training (Scout)

Physical: None
Social: Resources 2 Status (Cult of the New Moon) 1
Fighting: Defensive Combat (brawl), (Unarmed Defense 1)
Supernatural: Pack 1 (Astoria Pack) First Tongue 2

Health: 8, Willpower: 4, Size: 5, Speed: 12, Defense: 8 (Armor: None), Initiative: 6
Rating: 0(Balanced)
Facet of Man

• +(Rating) to Feral Tests
• -(Rating) to shapeshifting Tests
• 4 (Man) Leashed Wolf Condition
• 5 (Man) reduce Rage by 1 each sunrise
Man Constant Breaking Points
•Eating human flesh. (-3 to -5)
•Killing someone. (-1 to -5)
•Injuring someone as a wolf.
• Loss of Physical Autonomy (Personal)
Man-Faceted Breaking Points
•Revealing your werewolf nature to someone ignorant of the supernatural.
•Living away from civilization for a week or more.
•Going Feral.
• Loss of Mental Autonomy (Personal)

Facet of Wolf

• -(Rating) to Feral Tests
• +(Rating) to shapeshifting Tests
• 4 (Wolf) Untamed Condition
• 5 (Wolf) shapeshift without test or action
Wolf Constant Breaking Points
•Injuring or killing a packmate. (-1 to -5)
•Contributing to natural devastation (-1 to -3)
•Betraying your pack.
•Involving others in your affairs. (Archetype)
Wolf Faceted Breaking Points
•Refusing to participate in a Full Moon Run with the pack.
•Refusing to defend territory or a packmate.
•Using a bane against another werewolf.

Werewolf Traits
Harmony: 2, Primal Urge: 3, Essence: 8 max (max)
Refinements: Primal: Primal Brawl, Primal Athletics Harmony: Gentling the Lunacy
Pack Tactics: Can Opener
Gifts: None
Rites: None
Werewolf Abilities
Essence: 1E to increase Physical stat by +1 for one scene
Regeneration: 1B per turn, 1Ess to heal 1L; Lethal heals at 15min interval; +Primal Urge to all healing rolls
Senses: +Primal Urge to perception; low light, hearing sensitivity (factor of 10), scent, tracking
Feral Wolf
The Lone Wolf: The lone wolf does not like working with others, and tends to go wandering on his own. He prefers to work by himself rather than involve others.
Affinity Instinct: Safety. The Lone Wolf does not depend on a pack to protect him, so he learns to keep himself safe above all else.
Feeding the Wolf: You gain a point of Essence and a Feral Die when you keep things to yourself that ought to be shared, or try to solve problems on your own that others could reasonably help you with.
Triggers: Predator, Territorial, Safety (+1), Fury
Current Conditions
False Memories (Persistent)
Remembering things that never existed. Believe memories to be true no matter what. Being faced with proof that memories are fake is a breaking point.
Possible Sources: Mental powers, psychological trauma, hypnosis
Resolution: Succeed at a breaking point when faced with proof of memory falseness.
Beats: Trust someone or make a mistake based on inaccurate memories.
Territorial (Persistent)
You are very attuned to your pack's territory. You gain a +1 bonus to actions intended to preserve, protect or otherwise maintain the territory. You also gain a +1 bonus to Social interactions with spirits and animals that make the territory their home. Finally, you also gain a +1 bonus to rolls to harvest Essence from loci within the territory. If you have 4+ dots in the Pack Territory Merit, your bonus for these effects increases to a +2.
Possible Sources: Being invested with Territory Attunement from the Pack Territory Merit
Resolution: You are ejected from your pack, or your pack begins to depend on others to truly defend their territory (reinvesting the point of Territory Attunement from you to another in the pack).
Beats: You put yourself at significant risk or trouble in order to make defense of your territory first.
Packbound (Persistent)
You are bonded to another member of your pack (who may or may not be a werewolf). You feel close to them, and gain a number of benefits due to your werewolf nature from interaction with them. Social Maneuvers from your bondmate require one less Door per dot you have in the Pack Merit. Additionally, though, all shapeshifting actions require one less success in general; if you have packmates present when you are shapeshifting, the number of successes required is reduced by the number of those bondmates plus one. This can be reduced to 0, allowing your shapeshifting to be a diceless, automatic action unless you are fighting the Feral Shift.
Possible Sources: The Pack Merit.
Resolution: The death or pack-departure of your packmate.
Beats: Do something in support or protection of your bondmate that puts you in significant danger or risk of some kind.
Balanced (Persistent)
You have achieved an ideal balance between Wolf and Man, mastered by neither, but instead master of both. You can spend 1 more point of Essence per turn than you normally can, and you gain 9-Agains on Social rolls with spirits and other shifters, all of whom can sense the serenity within you. You may also spend 1 Willpower to ignore the effects of any Mental Conditions for a single scene.
Possible Sources: You gain Balance with dots in neither Wolf nor Man.
Resolution: You gain a dot of Balance toward either Wolf or Man.
Beats: You are forced to make a Breaking Point roll.


Born: October 10, 1992

Warren grew up in LaPine Oregon. From the time he was young, he always loved the outdoors. It was no real surprise when he joined the boy scouts. He thrived. He learned how to track and spent hours in the woods hiking and trail running. In school, he was on the cross country team. He joined the choir, maintained a B+ average, and joined the Yearbook club and the school newspaper as a photographer. He "developed" his interest in photography and learned to develop his own film. To support his hobby, he got a new job at the resort outside of town. Once he had his license, his father gifted him with the fruits of HIS hobby: a fully restored 1951 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup, and he began to drive himself to work. He also began to drive elsewhere. It was while he was showing off a landscape he had shot to a housekeeper at the resort that he found a new way to make money. A guest offered to buy the photo from him. After this, he began to sell photographs to stock photo sites as well as leading hiking trips at the resort. He decided that while he enjoyed photography, he wanted to become a forestry ranger. Everything seemed to be going perfectly for him. That is, until the Boy Scouts of America began considering him for the Eagle Scouts. It seems the Boy Scouts of America heard some rumors. These rumors stated that Warren is gay, and an atheist. Almost overnight, he became an object of disgust. His friends looked askance at him. Those who were certain of his "guilt" began referring to him as "the Gaythiest". These antics came to a head on a camping trip when Warren had enough. He explained that the rumors were half right, on both counts. He admitted he was bi-sexual, and agnostic. He then turned to the boy next to him, kissed him for effect, and told him "That's all your getting, 'cause your not my type. I'm out." He then snatched up his backpack, hiked back to his truck, and took off. Needless to say, he was no longer welcome in the Boy Scouts of America.

After graduating, Warren decided to take time off. He took his savings of the last couple years and went to Europe. He started in Rome, hiked north to Switzerland, from there, to Austria into the Czech Republic, to Poland, to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and England before flying home. His course in Latin at the community college helped him some, but he hadn't quite realized how many non-Latin based languages there are in Europe. Still he made it, and got some fantastic photos from it.

Back in the US, he got a partial scholarship for cross country at the new University of Astoria. He earned another Scholarship by writing of his trip through Europe as his "self-discovery". He even found a scholarship specifically for those who are former members of the BS of A. Between his scholarships and his business as a photographer, he was able to afford a nice loft apartment near campus and is looking forward to his studies in Forest Management.



  • Virtue: Righteous: Your character knows he walks in a corrupt world and he’s angry about it. He’s willing to confront hypocrisy and evil where he sees it, no matter who it pisses off, and to Hell with the consequences. At best, he’s a defender of those the system — or the Infrastructure — grinds down. At worst, he’s a stone-faced, uncompromising obstacle to the powerful, just waiting to be taken out. Regain Willpower when your character’s refusal to let injustice go unopposed puts him in danger.
  • Vice: Vindictive, Regain Willpower when you get back at someone/thing that has wronged you.
  • Aspirations:
    • Bring Olivia into the pack (preferably not as a wolf).
    • Track a Thief through the woods.
    • Convince Stella to bring Jarod into the Pack
  • Integrity: 2
  • Primal Urge:2
  • Essence: 0 of 7
  • Wolf Eyes: Whiskey Brown
  • Breaking Points:
  1. What is the worst thing your Character has done? When he was the butt of some particularly cruel Jokes. He stalked up on the pranksters at night during their camping trip. He tied a rope to their tent, looped it over the limb of a tree and to the bumper of his truck. He then pulled up the steaks and then, climbed into his truck and hoisted the tent off the ground.
    • Intentionally endangering another's life in retaliation.
  2. What is the Worst thing your character can imagine himself doing? Killing someone with premeditation
    • Intentionally planning to kill another human.
  3. What is the worst thing your character can imagine someone else doing? Destroying someone's life. i.e. killing entire family, getting them fired, leaving them unable to continue living their life.
    • Witnessing the death of innocents caused for the purpose of causing pain to another.
  4. What has your Character forgotten? Meeting a Vampire in Prague.
    • Encountering Mind Controlling Supernatural Powers
  5. What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to the Character? A few months before the tent hoist. A group of boy scouts on a camping trip tackled him when he was sleeping. Wrapped him in his sleeping bag, hoisted him up, and used him as a heavy bag. They were yelling "Fag" and "Gaythiest" while doing so.
    • Being Trapped and at another's Mercy


  • Possessions: A Backpack, A Pocketknife, A Cell phone (Android), a Bowie Knife, Leica MP Camera.
  • The Journal of Warner Pelt
  • Weapons:
    • Pocketknife Damage :–1(L), Size: 1/P, Durability: 2, Fragile 3, +1 to some Crafts rolls*
    • Bowie Knife Damage :2(L), Size: 1/J, Durability: 4, +1 to some Crafts rolls*
  • Other Notes: X
  • Bullet Proof Vest Armor 1/3

Merit Details

Friends and Family


Lance Pelt.jpg
Lance Pelt
Born 8/1/1958. Lance grew up in Denver CO and joined the Marine Corp straight out of High School. After 8 years in the service he attended the Marine Corps OCS program at Quantico VA. When he was mid-way through his studies, as he found a 4 year degree was needed to qualify, he met Jennifer. They dated for 2 years and married after he earned his commission. At 38, the lure of a wife and 4 year old son were too much. He retired from the Marine Corps as a Captain in Force Reconnaissance Green Ops division. He now lives as Forest Ranger and restores cars in his free time. His example has clearly inspired his sons as one is studying to be a forest ranger and the other plans to join the marines. Since finding out that Warren is Bi-sexual, Lance has made it clear that while he doesn't understand it, he is trying to be accepting of it. He has more problems with Warner's proclaiming to be agnostic, even though he has since learned this is not the same thing as athiest.
Jennifer Pelt.jpg
Jennifer Pelt
Born 1/17/1968. Jennifer grew up in Bend, Oregon. She was a star on the cross country team and received a scholarship to the University of Mary Washington where she earned a degree in Business Administration with a minor in History. She met Lance while he was stationed at the nearby Quantico, VA Marine Base while he was earning a degree for his officer's commission. They began dating and married when he had earned it. For 8 years, they often lived at some distance from each other and she raised their son for 4 years largely on her own. During this time She moved back home, and later just out of town in LaPine Oregon. She now owns and runs a book store in LaPine. Jennifer is has decided, and tries to convince everyone, including Warner, that Warner is only going through a phase. She believes that once he has renewed his faith in God, his attractions will settle back where God intended them to be.
Gabirel Pelt.jpg
Gabriel Pelt
Born 4/12/98, Gabriel has looked up to his older brother most of his life. He always thought his brother could do anything. Then he found out his brother was gay. Even though Warner denies it, it just explained too much. Gabriel found it too much to accept. He hates Warner for his betrayal. Gabriel now deals with a great deal of teasing and bullying in school. He is determined to join the Marine Corps when he's done with school. Lance is encouraging but is worried that Gabriel may be doing so for the wrong reasons.


Henry Mulgrew
GSA Friend(deceased)
I met Henry at GSA. He's pretty cool, and just plain pretty. Like me, he was bitten at the bonfire. After that, he was a bit unapproachable. Understandable I guess, this isn't exactly easy to deal with. Maybe it was just hard for me to approach him. I don't even understand half the references he made, although I was learning. Anyway, he died, and I was the only one there. He was naked, and injured, and I wasn't good enough to save him.
Thomas Michael Craig
Liaison to my generation
Thomas just showed up in my apartment one day. With him he brought friends and a knowledge of the modern world. Don't get me wrong, I know the basics of using a computer and I'm not exactly stuck in the dark ages. Unfortunately I didn't get a whole lot of time to do things like watch TV or play video games growing up. That's where Thomas comes in. He's making sure I learn all those things I missed while I was learning how to track game through the woods and how to splice rope.
Mrs. Jalo
Fallen from the Pedestal
I met Mrs Jalo years ago in Boy Scouts. Her Son Jarod always looked out for me during conventions and regional meets. She was definitely the den mother type and seems to have continued the tradition with the frat she works for. Unfortunately, since we both joined a new pack, I've seen a whole new side of her. Don't get me wrong she means well, but is dismissive of anyone she considers a child, which she seems to define as having lived fewer than 40 years. The problem is, I have seen her take moral stances and attempt to "protect" others that don't need protecting. She doesn't seem to accept that someone who is merely 18, or in their 20's for that matter, is responsible enough to make their own decisions. Despite the fact that I frequently find myself pissed off at her, I can't help loving her. I just think she needs to open her mind a little bit. Especially since it seems we are all destined to live a very long time, assuming we aren't killed early, that is.
Dr. Litchfield
Crow Magnon
It took a while for me to warm up to Dr. Litchfield. I liked her when school started. She was one of my professors, and she was the faculty adviser for the GSA. She seemed really cool. Then I got bitten. She checked up on my afterward, which was pretty cool, but I'm pretty sure she stole my torn and bloody jeans, which was not. She then found out about the whole werewolf thing, and proceeded to do all sorts of experiments on Henry. I was pretty wary of her. Then it turns out she's a wereraven. Ironically, while this makes her tres creepy, it also made me feel a little more comfortable around her. We have since worked together on various crafts, mostly weapons, and I've had to patch her up a couple times. She's good folk, and good at planning for contingies, which I think is part of what makes her come off as creepy. I mean who would plan for the time you're kidnapped, placed in a submarine, handcuffed, and are about to be shot 1500 feet into the air from a missile tube? I'm pretty sure she has a combination lock pick, re-breather, parachute she made herself stuffed in her pocket for just such an occurrence.
Sexy and he knows it.
Jace is an ass. But I think I'm beginning to understand him a little bit. Jace has been through some shit in his life. I'm not going to go into it. It's not my story to tell. However, I get the feeling that Jace cares a lot for people, when he lets himself. I think this has hurt him a couple times. Well, I'm not a psychologist, but I don't know an animal out there that won't avoid the things that hurt them. Needless to say, I think there's more to Jace than I originally saw and I'm proud to have him in my pack. I hope to know him long enough for him to trust me as I now trust him. I may be delusional, but I almost think it's beginning to happen.
Danny Marin
Danny used to come by my apartment and play video games. along with Danny and Jerome. He was lucky enough not to get bitten though, and unfortunately we've kind of lost touch since then. Last I heard he was thinking of joining the frat that Henry belonged to.
Renee McDonnall
Adopted Packmate
I met Renee because of Henry. Henry her were thick. I'm not really sure what started the relationship, but they were almost like siblings. The kind that like each other. We had a bit of a rough patch when Henry died, mostly because we both blamed me for his loss. I think we're coming out of that now, which is good because she's dating Jerome and is one of the human members of our pack. She's good folk, I glad she no longer wants to kill me and play jump-rope with my small intestine. It now occurs to me that that scenario may have been a little too specific.
Jerome Tate
Jerome and Danny used to hang out at my apartment all the time. I think he was the one that brought the TV so we could play video games. I'm not sure. He ended up bitten, like I was. Unlike me, however he was taken by Volk. We've had some rough times, but he is now part of my pack and is dating Renee. Everything is going pretty well. I like him, but I feel kind of bad cause I always forget when he's there until he speaks. I keep thinking we should reconnect, but I don't exactly have a good hangout space, and there's the whole fighting for our lives thing. Although, it's starting to seem that this is what our lives are going to be like, so maybe we should just make the time, and find the space.
Reese Tavis
Okay, I feel bad describing Reese as a "pest" but there is a reason. When I was 16 I went hiking with my brother Gabe. Gabe didn't hate me yet and was wanting to be helpful. He insisted on carrying a pack just as heavy as mine, it wasn't but you pretend for your brother, we made it up onto a ridge with a great view and ate our lunch. I saw an eagle's nest on the cliff opposite us and said I wanted to get a picture of it. I told Gabe I would get my camera myself, but I wasn't fast enough. Gabe unzipped my bag ran to give it to me, but tripped on a rock. I managed to keep him from going down a decidedly steep drop off, but the camera was not so lucky. The way Reese has been acting the last few months, reminds me of how Gabe acted for about 3 months after that. He only stopped when I got a new camera, a combined gift from him my dad and my mom. I just hope Reese is going to stop before I'm fully human again. He could be rather cool, and has been helpful, he just needs to stop overdoing it!



Potential Romantic Interests

Vanya Simonson
The Cross-Country Coach
I'm not sure what I could tell you about Vanya that isn't self evident. She's beautiful and she knows it. Still, she's cool with us using her first name and doesn't seem to be upset that folks use her backside as motivation to keep going on the trail. From what I've seen, she's genuinely nice, she just likes the attention. Oh, here's an interesting tidbit. She's a werewolf. Not only that, she's the one that bit me. And here's what makes that even better. Werewolves can smell emotion, in a way. Which means this whole time, she's known I'm attracted to her. That's not embarrassing at all. Sad thing is, I don't even have the luxury of deciding it's too much and slashing my wrists, not that I'd want to anyway. I'd just heal from it now, though. I guess I'll have to figure out how to live with it. She does smell nice though, and that doesn't help.
Olivia Saenz
Conservation Major, Journalism Minor
Olivia Saenz is a conservation and journalism student who has already begun building a CV of published articles in smaller conservation and ecology magazines in the U.S. and Canada. She was present at the Bonfire Night, and is now obsessed with local wolf populations - and preventing harm from coming to them.

I ran into her in the woods as she was almost getting mauled by my wolf friends. I helped her out and only then realized, just how cute she is. I've run into her a couple times since then. I'd like to start doing that on purpose. I may have fucked up and told her about werewolves. and that I am one. I'm kinda surprised that hasn't ruined my chances with her, but we've gone out a couple times. The fact she knows about Wolfey means I don't have to lie about some of the stuff that makes me run out at inopportune times, which is nice. She has been very forgiving. This is either really good, or really bad. Haven't seen any indications of it being bad yet.
Doug Mahew
Park Ranger
So I'm hangin' out with the wolf pack. The real wolf pack, not my pack. Not that we aren't real, but we're not fully wolves. I'm babbling. anyway, I meet the hot guy in the woods. It turns out, he was a park ranger and had heard there was a wolf pack in the area and wanted to find them. I had trouble trusting him and trouble thinking. I mean the guy is hot! Anyway, I let him know the location of the den, so he can keep people away from them, and he asked me to let him know how their doing from time to time. Now that I've applied for a job with the park rangers, well, internship, I may be seeing more of him. That doesn't make me unhappy in the slightest.
Arno Baltazar
The Man from Prague


Warner's Truck
Warner's Truck.jpg
Warner's Loft

A description of your characters day to day life.

  • Downtime Condition: None.
  • Money: Warner has been lucky in that he has found a hobby and talent that pays the bills. As a result he has a lot of money for a college student. He doesn't go crazy with his spending, but to his friends it seems like he always has money. In reality, he makes enough to cover tuition, rent, food, gas, and usually has a few hundred in the bank. His truck allows him to travel to Portland, as well as up and down the beach, where he has found that wedding photography can be fairly lucrative. A couple weddings gives him his tuition money.
  • Clothing & Jewelry: Warner dresses simply. T-shirts, jeans, hoodies when it's cold. If he's planning on going somewhere cold, he has some good thermal clothing from some well known outdoor company. His shoes are either trail runners, for every day wear, or good solid hiking boots, for winter camping. He only has one piece of jewelry. He wears a medallion a girl gave him in Switzerland. It has an image of a man on it, but it is not any catholic saint that he's been able to identify. It also has some strange script that he doesn't recognize on the back.
  • Communication: Warner used to use a nice, late generation flip phone, so it was only about 4-5 years old. It texted, had web access, and played music, and was thoroughly scratched up from being in a pocket with other things. He has recently switched to smart phone, as they were demonstrated to be superior to his old phone. Warner also has a Lap top computer that is considerably newer. It was recommended to him to get one before going to college. It is not top of the line, but he get's email and has the latest Office Suite as well. The laptop has a waterproof case that usually stays in the truck, except when he's home for the evening. The first time he left it at home, Thomas came in before him and gave him a lecture, though Thomas maintains it wasn't a lecture.
  • Food: Warner eats well. He knows how to cook and his mother made sure he understands nutrition, as well as anyone does anyway. He doesn't buy frozen meals, but he does have a big pressure cooker that he uses to make large amounts of stew, spaghetti, etc on the weekends to treat like frozen dinners. One reason people seem to like hanging out with Warner, is he has old fashioned ideas about hospitality, which was only reinforced during his trip through Europe. His fridge is almost always stocked with drinks, snacks, ingredients, and left overs. His guests are welcome to what he has, and he isn't above ordering some pizza on occasion.
  • Housing: Warner's Loft
  • Days: Warner wakes up, without an alarm clock, between 5-6am. He makes breakfast and goes for a morning run. He comes back showers and heads to class. (his classes are arranged to be Monday - Thursday, based on advice from his mother) After classes, he does what ever, often spending time in the woods with his camera, sometimes hanging out with friends, studying as necessary. He studies a lot.
  • Evenings: Evenings is when his friends come over. He doesn't cook for them, but sometimes he makes too much for himself, and they often eat his left overs. He studies hangs out, plays video games, which he enjoys but isn't very good at. He also practices with his acoustic guitar, an instrument he learned after many many camping trips. He tends to turn in anywhere from 10pm-12am.


Character Experiences
Current Beats: 3
Unspent Experiences: 0
Spent Experiences: 25
Experiences Earned
• June 25th: 2 beats
• July 9th: 3 beats
• July 23th: 3 beats
• August 6: 2 beats
• August 20: 3 beats 1 primal beats
• September 3: 3 beats
• September 17: 6 beats 1 Primal Beats 1
• October 1: 3 beats
• November 12: 3 beats
• December 10: 2 beats
• January 7: 2 beats
• January 21: 2 beats
• February 4th: 3 beats
• February 18th: 1 beats
• March 4th: 2 Experiences, 1 primal Beat
• April 15th: 2 beats
• May 13th: 2 beats
• May 27th: 3 beats
• June 10th: 2 beats 1 primal beat
• June 24th: 2 beats
• July 6th: 4 beats 2 primal beats
• July 14th: 3 beats
• July 27th: 2 beats
• August 24th: 3 beats
• September 7th: 2 beats 1 primal beat
• September 14th: 1 beat
• September 28th: 1 beat
• October 5th: 2 beats
• November 9th: 3 beats
• December 7th: 1 beat
• January 18th: 2 beat
• February 1st: 2 beat 1 experience
• February 8th: 2 beat 2 primal beats
• February 22nd: 3 beat 2 primal beats
• March 7th: 1 beat
• March 21st: 2 beats 2 primal beats
• April 4th: 1 beat
• April 18th: 2 beats
• May 2nd: 1 beat
• May 16th: 4 beat
• May 30th: 9 beat 2 primal beats
• June 27th: 1 beat
• July 11th: 4 beats, 2 Primal Beats
• July 25th: 2 Beats
Pack 1, Harmony 1, Computer 1, Make Do (Medicine), Brawl 2, Holistic Awareness, Defensive Combat, Unarmed Defense 1, Primal Urge 2 (primal brawl refinement), Occult 1, Professional Training (scout) 1, Brawl 3, Status 1 (cult of the new moon), First Tongue 1, First Tongue 2, Harmony 2, converted 1 xp to Primal xp
Primal Experiences
• Current Primal Beats: 3
• Unspent Primal Experiences: 0
• Spent: 4
Warner at Game Start
Warner Pelt.jpg