Wereraven Ephemeral Manifestation

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Cost: 1 Essence
Also called "breathing out," in which the wereraven exhales her Rookery as a cloud of smoke into her environment. Ends at end of scene, or when wereraven chooses.

  • Not physical, though it does lower the temperature and appear as a slight fluttering of darkness (-4 to visual perception to notice it in shadowy areas). Very visible in daylight or in well-lit areas.
  • In Twilight, a murder of corvids appears in the space taken up by the cloud, flying hither and yon. Their cawing can be heard for a mile or so, and pierces the Gauntlet, so it can draw unwanted spiritual attention from the Shadow.
  • Death Crow: The smoke dissipates, spreading out within a mile area to find those who are dying or otherwise close to death (whether because of illness or because Fate has decreed their death soon). This appears in the wereraven's vision as crows flitting about near those affected, and of the shadows of those involved bearing a crow of ill omen on their left shoulder. This also grants a bonus to detect ambushes and dangerous traps equal to her Primal Urge.
  • Raucous Jackdaw: The smoke dissipates into the shadows, deepening them and muffling sound. This grants then wereraven a bonus to all Stealth checks equal to her Primal Urge.
  • Battle Rook: The smoke confuses and distracts the wereraven's enemies. She seems to flit here and there, her form obscured by smoke and shadow. She gains a bonus to her Defense equal to her Primal Urge.
  • Wise Ravens: The smoke dissipates into the environment, drawing the wereraven's attention to omens of the future. In additions to the secrets that come of this, this grants the wereraven a bonus to Initiative equal to her Primal Urge.