Wereraven Gold Bane

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The touch of gold pains a wereraven, who legends say were burnt black by the sun. They still remember this viscerally in the burning sensation that comes of the touch of gold.


Prolonged contact with gold doesn't cause damage, but it is painful.

  • While in contact with gold, a wereraven suffers a -2 pain penalty.
  • This penalty is increased by 1 for each additional source of gold touching the werewolf.
  • Healing Cessation: While in continued contact with gold, werewolves cannot benefit from Wereraven Regeneration at all. They are functionally human during that time for the purposes of healing.


  • Bullets cannot be made of gold; in modern guns, such bullets come apart in midair and disintegrate against a target.
  • A weapon that is inlaid with gold (gold is too soft to craft a weapon from entirely) causes horrible searing injuries. The first level of damage inflicted by such a weapon is aggravated.
  • Many such weapons are barbed and designed to stay in the weapon, continuing to cause the wereraven agony.