Wereraven Harmony

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Harmony reflects a wereraven's ability to control his Rookery nature. If Primal Urge measures the power of his Rookery and wereraven abilities, Harmony is his ability to control and wield that power.

  • Wereravens start with one point of Harmony.
  • A wereraven who loses her Hoard loses a point of Harmony, but this can never reduce it below 1.

Harmonic Refinements

As a wereraven's Harmony grows, her command over her Rookery grows significantly. At each dot after the first, choose one of the following Refinements.

  • Caging the Murder: Choose one category of Trigger for your Rookery: Pride, Flocking, Hoarding, or Safety. This can be any category but the Other category, or those categories that the Rookery emphasizes. Reduce the Rage increases from Triggers in that category by one. This may be purchased multiple times for each such category.
  • Stable Sanity: Increase the threshold at which your Rookery can inflict the Fighting the Rook-Craze Tilt on you by 2. This may be purchased multiple times.
  • Soul Boundaries: Spend 1 WP to forbid a specific person from possession by the Rookery when Rook-Crazed. Must be spent when the Rookery flees, and applies towards a specific named target present or otherwise. This may be purchased multiple times, allowing the naming of one additional person when spending the Willpower.
  • Hooding the Rookery: When you have the Fighting the Rook-Craze Tilt, you negate the doubled cost to Willpower expenditures. When you have the Rook-Crazed Condition, you can innately sense the direction in which your fled Rookery lies.