Wereraven Primal Urge

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The power of the crow-essence is measured by the Primal Urge trait.

  • The Rookery: The wereraven gains the Rookery, an ephemeral mass of crow-essence that is neither a single spirit nor a multitude, but is something between them, tied to their very physical being.
  • The higher the Primal Urge rating, the stronger the Rookery.
  • As long as the wereraven has at least one dot in Primal Urge, she has access to all of her shapeshifting abilities. It is her Primal Urge that makes her a wereraven.

Primal Refinements

As a wereraven's Primal Urge grows, his own abilities sharpen significantly. At each dot after the first, choose one of the following Refinements. Some mechanics refer to Refinement Skills. These are: Academics, Investigation, Occult; Athletics, Brawl, Larceny, Stealth, Weaponry; Subterfuge.

  • Visual Acuity: Gain the Rote Action benefit on Perception tests based on sight.
  • Improved Healing: Gain the Rote Action benefit on Healing tests when healing non-Aggravated damage.
  • Primal (Skill): Choose one Skill from the list of Refinement Skills. You gain 9-Agains on rolls involving this Skill for one scene. As this invokes the Rookery, anytime you use this Refinements benefits add one Feral Die.
  • Instinctual (Skill): Choose one Skill that you have the Primal (Skill) Refinement for. You now gain 8-Agains when using that ability.
  • (Bane) Resistance: Choose one Bane. Pain penalties from exposure to that Bane are halved, and you gain the Rote Ability for any rolls involving resisting, recovering from or throwing off its effects. As this invokes the Rookery, anytime you use this Refinement's benefits in a scene, add one Feral Die (maximum one Feral Die per scene).
  • Ephemeral Evolution: May add an Archetype Benefit other than that of own Rookery to Ephemeral Manifestations. You may choose how many Archetype Benefits a given Ephemeral Manifestation grants (though it must always grant at least one).