Werewolf Anchors

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A werewolf who learns Harmony must find an anchor - something human that they can use to exert control over the Feral Wolf. This is generally something of emotional importance to them, something distinctly human, that the werewolf holds as deeply valuable.

  • Sample Anchors: A relationship with someone, a place of importance, membership in an organization of some kind, adherence to a philosophy of some kind.
  • If for some reason a werewolf ever loses their anchor, they lose a dot of Harmony and immediately lose access to their resultant Harmony rating until they can secure another anchor. Such characters gain the Unanchored Condition until they can regain a new Anchor.
  • Meaningful interactions with Anchors allow a werewolf to regain a point of Willpower.
  • An anchor can be considered another Virtue for the purpose of gaining assistance against breaking points; werewolves gain a +1 to breaking point rolls if they were acting in accordance with or in defense/support of an anchor.
  • Finally, being "in the presence" of one's anchor - which can mean being near a person, at a place, feeling a given emotion - allows the werewolf to use the Rote Action when making the Feral Test.