Werewolf Belladonna Bane

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Also called atropine, belladonna is another of the rare few exceptions to werewolf immunities to poisons, although it doesn't kill.

  • When struck by belladonna - which must enter the blood stream - the werewolf takes the Poisoned Tilt (bashing damage only).
  • Each such strike is assumed to inflict a certain number of "doses" of the poison. A weapon coated with it inflicts only a single dose, a tranq dart injects about three, and a full syringe injects five.
  • When first exposed to belladonna, the werewolf must roll Stamina + Resolve, at a penalty to the werewolf's own Primal Urge. Each success subtracts one effective "dose" from affecting him. If any doses take affect, the werewolf also receives the Lethargic Condition, with each dose that affects him equivalent to six hours without rest.
  • Each time the werewolf takes damage from the Poisoned Tilt, he must make the resistance roll to avoid falling asleep. Each time he makes this resistance roll, reduce the effective doses by one, or two with an exceptional success.
Effects: Moderate poisons inflict 1 bashing per interval; grave poisons inflict lethal. Intervals are usually one turn in combat and other stressful situations, or one minute outside of combat, but different poisons may vary. This damage can be mitigated with a Stamina + Resolve reflexive action, though this is at a -3 penalty if you take another action that turn.
Cause: Dexterity + Weaponry -1 for improvised delivery, possibly targeting specific body part
End: Medical treatment; some poisons wear off after a certain number of successes have been accumulated on the Stamina + Resolve rolls above.
Feeling drained and weary. Cannot spend Willpower. For every six hours gone without sleeping, gain a cumulative -1 die to all actions. Make Stamina + Resolve rolls (with penalty) at every six hour interval to avoid falling asleep.
Possible Sources: Fighting sleep, powers, sleeping drugs or chemicals.
Resolution: Getting a night's rest.