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  • Gifts are certain powers gained by tapping into the power of one's shifter spirit.
  • There are three kinds of Gifts that are natural to werewolves.
  • Trait Alignment: Each Category has a Trait it is aligned with. A character must have a minimum of two dots in that Trait to begin purchasing Gifts from that Category, and may never have more dots in that Gift than he has dots in that Trait.

Natural Wolf Gifts

Gifts of Change

Aligned Trait: Harmony
This set of Gifts is associated with a werewolf's mastery of shapechanging.

  • Skin Thief: The werewolf may skin prey and don it, shapeshifting into the form of that prey.
  • The Father's Form: Assume Alpha Form, but without the regeneration, and with mounting Rage.
  • Gaze of the Moon: Inflict madness in humans.
  • Luna's Embrace: Physically change sex until changed back.
  • Quicksilver Flesh: Take traits from one form while in another form entirely.

Gifts of Hunting

Aligned Trait: Primal Urge
This set of Gifts is associated with channeling the power of the Hunt innate to the wolf spirit.

  • Honed Senses: Dramatically improve senses, and can inflict the Scented Condition on someone.
  • Cow the Prey: Terrify someone using Intimidation, and can inflict Cowed Condition.
  • Beast Talker: Learn to speak with animals.
  • Tireless Hunter: Declare a goal and may ignore exhaustion, hunger and thirst until accomplished.
  • Impossible Spoor: Dramatically boost tracking ability, including gaining ability to spend Essence to ignore penalties for weather or age of trail.

Gifts of Pack

Aligned Trait: Pack Merit
This set of Gifts is associated with the spiritual power that develops within a pack.

  • Reflected Facets: Ability to use Gifts against prey the wielder himself cannot actually see, as long as his packmate can, or activate beneficial Gifts onto a packmate.
  • Down the Prey: Inflict combat penalties and other difficulties against a foe a packmate has already struck.
  • Totem's Wrath: Invest the pack's totem with terrible Rage and a bodily form, to allow it to furiously slay all that are "not pack" there.
  • Maw of Madness: A bite that inflicts a strange lunar disease on those bitten.
  • Pack Awareness: Ability to unerringly sense location of packmates, prevent surprise by any enemy as long as at least one packmate is aware of them, and speak mind-to-mind to packmates in line of sight.

Alpha Lineage Gifts

Gifts of Dominance

Lineage: Silver Wolf
This set of Gifts is associated with rulership and mastery over other wolves. Packs with an Ivory Claw as their alpha can tap into his powers to lead and command.

  • Primal Allure: The raw magnetism of the predator is alluring and overwhelming.
  • Glorious Lunacy: May inflict wonderstruck awe in non-supernaturals.
  • Lay Low the Challenger: Inflicts cringing fear in those whom the wielder draws blood in violence.
  • Snarl of the Predator: A snarl that compels others to obey commands through fear.
  • Lead the Lesser Pack: Causes the target to be "brought in" to the pack temporarily.

Gifts of Inspiration

Lineage: Silver Wolf
This set of Gifts is associated with inspiration, filling hearts with fervor and courage. Packs with an Ivory Claw as their alpha can tap into his powers to enflame the passions of those he leads.

  • Lunatic Inspiration: Inflict madness on those touched.
  • Fearless Hunter: May boost resistance to mind-influencing powers and fear, and inspire resistance in packmates as well.
  • Pack Triumphs Together: Boosts initiatives and teamwork tests.
  • Unity: Boost a packmate's resistance to Social Maneuvers.
  • Still Small Voice: Encouragement spoken to those Fighting the Feral Wolf assist them in their Feral Test.

Other Gifts

  • Packs with an Alpha can learn specific Gifts in line with the spiritual lineage of the Alpha's Feral Wolf.
  • The Cults of the Moon and the Spirit Lodges also teach unique Gifts as well.

Gaining Gifts

There are two ways of gaining Gifts: the Sacred Hunt or the Vision Quest.

Vision Quest

This is an ordeal, the exact nature of which depends on the Gifts in question. They are ascetic and damaging in nature, leaving a werewolf weaker and stripped of strength, skill, and sense of self as the sacrifice for learning the Gift.

  • To perform a Vision Quest, the werewolf must sacrifice a dot of an Attribute or Skill, stripping the dot to convert it back into Experiences until he has enough to pay for the Gift.
  • Not only does he lose the dot, but he cannot increase that Trait for the rest of the Arc/Season.
  • Each time this is done, it is a Breaking Point, except these are the Conditions gained:
    • Success or Failure: Disquieted
    • Dramatic Failure: Delusional, Fugue or Madness

Sacred Hunt

The other way to gain Gifts is by enacting a Sacred Hunt, which is a Rite ••, causing a spirit of the appropriate type to manifest and allow the singular werewolf to hunt it. If the werewolf does not have sufficient Experiences to purchase the Gifts he wants, the rite automatically fails.


Gifts cost 3 Experiences to "unlock" a Gift category, gaining the first Gift in that category for free. Each Gift thereafter costs another 2 Experiences.