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In this system, a given battlefield is abstracted into Movement Units — that is, how long it takes a normal unit of soldiers to move through a given area.


[edit] Base Movement

The Base Movement of a Unit is 1 Movement. When modifiers drop Movement below 1, it effectively adds one Move action to the time it takes to pass through one Movement Unit for each point below 0. Thus, a –1 Movement passes through a Movement Unit in two Move actions, while a –3 would take four Move actions.

  • Mounts: +1 Movement, Mobility Penalties for Unit Armor inapplicable; Units must have Ride ratings equal to or greater than Magnitude of Unit; reduce Movement by 1 per dot that Magnitude exceeds Ride.
  • Vehicles: Each has its own Movement; Mobility Penalties for Unit Armor inapplicable.

[edit] Mobility Penalty Modifiers

  • Mobility Penalty 0: +1 Movement
  • Mobility Penalty –1: +0 Movement
  • Mobility Penalty –2+: –1 Movement per point below –1

[edit] Magnitude Modifiers

  • Magnitude 0 — 1: +1 Movement
  • Magnitude 2 — 5: +0 Movement
  • Magnitude 6 — 9: -1 Movement

[edit] Terrain Modifiers

A given battlefield is defined by a number of Traits:

  • Density: The terrain density can affect how easy it is to move within that terrain, determines how much cover can be found there and what the maximum Magnitude size of a unit is. These are:
    • Open: +0 Movement; max. 25% cover. No Magnitude limits
    • Difficult: Half Movement rating (if positive; double negative Movement ratings), Dash actions inflict double normal Morale damage; Mounts reduced to half Movement; Vehicle Movement impossible. Up to 50% cover. Maximum Magnitude of 6-8.
    • Extreme: Half Movement rating (if positive; double negative Movement ratings), may not take Dash actions; Mount and Vehicle Movement impossible. Up to 75% cover. Maximum Magnitude of 3 - 5.
  • Stability: How easy it is to retain footing in this Terrain. This is presented as an Instability Rating; those units with an Athletics equal to or greater than the rating may ignore its effects. Those whose Athletics are lower than the Instability Rating must take a Retain Footing action every turn to take any other actions (effectively requiring them to Flurry such actions).

One sample terrain follows:

  • Fair Cloud Valley: A valley between two mountains provides a wide-open battlefield, though the combination of rocky terrain and wet ground from run-off can prove difficult. Difficult terrain, up to 50% cover from large boulders. Max Magnitude 6. Instability 2, due to mud and uneven ground.

[edit] Missile Weapon Ranges

Weapon Range
Less than 50
50 - 200
201 - 500
501 - 750
751 - 1000
Movement Unit Range
0; must be Engaged to attack
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