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Imidhal Aerovaia

The Children of the Mother • The First Breath • The Dancers of the Eternal Cycle
Almost all living things have a spiritual representation in the Shadow Realm. There are untold types of nature-spirits, and countless choirs and descants within which they converge. Below are listed some of the largest and most common nature choirs, but they should not be thought to be anything but the smallest and most simple designations thereof.

Though nature-spirits reflect the living things of our own world, they are not a perfect reflection. The Shadow is a vicious place, and if anything, Nature is far redder in tooth and claw there. The lion does not lay down with the lamb; the lion devours both lamb and lioness, and the lamb will consume another lamb if it can. Many of humanity’s folkloric beliefs about the “personalities” of animals have their root in the ways of the Shadow, or perhaps the nature of certain animal-spirits is rooted in the beliefs of humanity. Whatever the actual origin, some nature-spirits have much in common with conceptuals or other spirits outside the nature choirs. A raven-spirit may gather in a brood with death-spirits, or even take on aspects of a death-spirit itself without becoming magath or falling too far from the concept of what it is to be the spirit of “raven.” Such is the nature of the Shadow.

Spirit Dealings

Known Natural Spirits

Choir of Animals

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Choir of Birds

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