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Waterdhavian Noble Clique
A small group of young Waterdhavian nobles, the Woodfauns formed almost in self-defense. None of them fit in particularly well with the rest of Waterdeep's high society, and each found themselves outcasts in a variety of ways as adolescents. Fortunately, Lembiyya and Lhaerthlil found one another – both having retreated from the rowdy drunkenness at a party they were both expected to attend – and became fast friends. Soon they found others like them, and have gone deeper in their contempt for urbane decadence and meaningless, paltry excess. They have also gained something of a reputation, often referred to as the "Wallflowers" by their sneering peers in the nobility.

Favorite Hangouts: The Woodfauns often get together at the Shrines of Nature, both for their own worship, and simply to get away from the city into the shrine's grove. They are also fond of spending time at the Elfstone Tavern, so much so that they're given grudging acceptance at the establishment, particularly because they stick to a corner of their own and don't bother anyone.

Lembiyya Ammakyl
The Druidess • 26 years
One of the Ammakyl family's Turami half-elves, Lembiyya's natural inclination for natural magics came early, speaking with household animals. For years the family assumed it was an adorable fantasy of a precocious child, until the animals started telling her things she couldn't actually know otherwise. Her refusal to engage with noble fashions occasionally accidentally sets new fashion trends, although she seems witheringly surly about it when that happens. Like most of the Woodfauns, she doesn't have much use for noble society, though she is very personable when she chooses to be.
Buildon Artemel
The Forester • 19 years
Anyone who spends any amount of time around Buildon soon learns that he grew up with his mother, a ranger, on the road until he was twelve, when a goblin ambush nearly cost her her life. Though they both survived, she has been in bad health physically ever since, and his cousin Lord Halmor has made it very clear that she will always have the best of care...so long as Buildon works for the family's interests in business. So now rather than roaming the forests of the North as he'd prefer to do, he helps his House deal with the army of various hunters and woodsmen who work for them.
Lhaerthlil Nesher
The Vulture Girl • 22 years
In a House full of foresters and falconers, Lhaerthlil is a black-clad young woman notable for the constant presence of her animal companion, a vulture named Viscera. Lil's family is utterly appalled, but the bond isn't simply that of a trained bird – the girl has some degree of druidic talent, they believe, and the two are inseperable. Lil is perpetually bored and jaded, with a cutting remark for every situation. It is generally only her fellow Woodfauns who are spared her sharp tongue.
Uroon Hiilgauntlet
The Mascot • 18 years
As a member of a very militant, mercenary House, Uroon is wildly out of place at home. He has not one shred of fighting skill, nor even inclination toward violence. His siblings and cousins are all rough-and-tumble, and as a boy, he hid in trees and hedgerows. Uroon has read stories of the romantic, wildness of nature, and writes vibrantly purple poetry in praise of nature and the gods thereof. His friendship with Buildon saved him from a great deal of bullying as an adolescent, and it was Buildon who started including Uroon in the friendship with the Woodfauns. Though he was very intimidated by both Lembiyya and Lil at first, he's now half in love with Lembiyya, and Lil has demonstrated a big sister vibe toward the slight redhead, including taking up protection of the young man more than once before.
Orion De'spri
The Newest Member • 28 years