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* '''Legacy:''' ''Name Goes Here;'' 1st — X, 2nd — X, 3rd — X
* '''Legacy:''' ''Forge Master;'' 1st — X, 2nd — X, 3rd — X
* ''Attainment Name''
* ''Attainment Name''

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"Whatever" - Whoever

Moros; Free Council; No Legacy; No Cabal (Position)
Disciple 1º
Geoffrey Ian Brandt (aka Darius Bacon or just "Bacon"); Temperance/Wrath; "Demolitions Specialist and IT Consultant

Bio be going here! Some notes:

  • spent time in military as cavalry scout - awoke during service
  • now he is a part-time police officer as an on-call EOD specialist and remote IT support (the EOD robot is his "baby"), he is also a self-employed freelance IT consultant on the side, he even employs a remote secretary named Kimberly who lives in Utah
  • hosts a website/blog dedicated to computer case modding, also writes handgun reviews for a firearms website
  • relationship with parents & older sister, her useless husband and his niece and nephew
  • gay; not very successful in the romance arena; he's not entirely sure if it's the extensive gun collection thing or the bathroom full of rubber duckies that scares them off more
  • airsoft, pc-gaming and classic car restoration enthusiast
  • collects unique rubber duckies, firearms, Disney comics and Egyptian decor
  • he has a pug named Boomerang and a cat named Fuse
  • typically has more coffee in his body than blood
  • shadow name is from Roger Bacon, an English philosopher and Franciscan friar, who was one of the first Europeans to study gun powder - also he works with the cops & loves bacon

  • Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 2; Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2; Presence 2, Manipulation 1, Composure 4
  • Abilities: Academics 1, Computers 3, Craft 3, Investigation 1, Science 3, Drive 2, Firearms 4, Larceny 1, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 2
  • Specialties: Craft: Demolitions, Computers: Hacking, Science: Explosives
  • Merits: EOD 4, Eidetic Memory 2, High Speech 1, Fighting Style: Combat Marksmanship 1, Resources 3, Contacts 3 (hackers, police, military), Quick Draw 1, Sworn Officer (NYPD) 2, Encyclopedic Knowledge 4, Language 2 (Japanese), Language 1 (Latin), Allies 1 (police), Status 2 (police)
  • Flaws: Wards (family), Job Responsibility,
  • Advantages: Health 7, Willpower 5, Wisdom 6, Size 5, Speed 10, Defense 3 (Armor -), Initiative 6

  • Magic: Gnosis 3; Matter 3, Death 2, Forces 2, Prime 1

Combat Marksmanship

  • Shoot First (•): Your character’s trained reflexes give her a split-second edge in a gunfight. Whenever she begins a combat with a firearm already in her hand, she gains a bonus to her Initiative roll equal to her Firearms Skill. If she also has the Quick Draw Merit for firearms (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 113) and draws a firearm during the first turn of combat, this bonus is added retroactively, starting at the beginning of the second turn of combat.
  • EOD (••••): Effect: Your character is well versed in handling all types of explosives. She is familiar with all kinds of techniques used in bomb making, from creating her own explosives to identifying and arming manufactured ones. She has also been trained in explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and is comfortable disarming unfamiliar devices. Your character does not suffer the –2 penalty for disarming an explosive she did not build (see p. 114).


  • Rote Name: "Effect(Arcana)", Arcana•, Ability+Skill+Arcana; Nil

  • Legacy: Forge Master; 1st — X, 2nd — X, 3rd — X
  • Attainment Name


  • Nimbus: X

  • Possessions: NYPD badge, utility belt, work-phone, personal-phone, handcuffs, leatherman tool, utility knife, hands-free headset, flashlight, backpack, laptop, sunglasses, personal effects
    • Additional Gear (Home): uniform, hook & linekit, tool kit, detonator transport/storage & ready-use case, explosives detection field kit, bomb suit, pc-server banks, dog, cat, small arsenal of firearms (details later)
    • Magical Items:
    • Magical Tools: bone pentacle necklace (path), palladium Uncle Scrooge belt buckle (matter), scythe (inspired by Grim Fandango w/ folding handle & retractable blade (death)), bracelet made from kite string with a metal key (forces), an amethyst class ring (prime)
    • Weapons: Glock 22, Glock 27, baton, pepper spray
  • Residence:
  • Other Notes: X

* Character Questionnaire

Experience Points

Earned: 0+0a (arcane)
  • Gained 5xp from loss of 1 wisdom

Spent: 81+0a; Unspent: 0+0a

  • Purchased: EOD (8xp)
  • Purchased: Resources 2&3 (6xp)
  • Purchased: Eidetic Memory (4xp)
  • Purchased: Fighting Style: Combat Marksmanship 1 (2xp)
  • Purchased: Contacts 1/hackers (2xp)
  • Purchased: Quick Draw (2xp)
  • Purchased: Sworn Officer/NYPD (6xp)
  • Purchased: Encyclopedic Knowledge (8xp)
  • Purchased: Language 2/Japanese (4xp)
  • Purchased: Language 1/Latin (2xp)
  • Purchased: Allies/police (2xp)
  • Purchased: Contacts 2/police (4xp)
  • Purchased: Contacts 3/military (6xp)
  • Purcahsed: Status 2/police (6xp)
  • Purcahsed: Prime 1 (7xp)
  • Purchased: Death 2 (12xp)