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"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." - Edith Wharton

Carl's Biography

Ogre (Troll/Gargantuan); Autumn Court; Lord Sages of the Unknown Reaches; Lamplighters Cabal (Affiliate)

Carl Faegan Hill (born Christopher Noal Hill); Justice/Wrath; Thug

Christopher Nolan Hill was born in 1944 in Colfax, Wisconsin. He was taken when he was 14 years old during the chaos of a devastating tornado outbreak in 1958. The eye of the storm tore through his family home, shattering it into a thousand thousand pieces, but time had stopped. Splinters of his home, his life hung still in the air all about him as an impossibly tall figure moved through it all, brushing debris and belongings aside from its path with no effort at all. It moved silently until it was before him. Tall, thing, dressed entirely in silver and blue starlight with strange avian feathers that seemed to be made from razor sharp metal at it's neck. Its face was both male and female, Christopher thought it was a painted porcelain mask until it broke into a wide smile that revealed its silver teeth. It's dark eyes never blinked. It took Carl by his hair and spun him about in the air where he was floating. He kept spinning and spinning as it reached out and began to weave his shadow about its long fingers. Then it drew forth a pair of shears and snipped the shadow off. It took a bit of his hair from his still spinning head and plucked his favorite teddy bear out from the air. The shears vanished and were replaced by a long black needle, which it used to hastily stitch the hair and shadow upon the plush bear. When it had finished it let it go and it was no longer his favorite toy, it was him. The tall creature touched his head and he stopped spinning. Christopher the Boy gazed upon Christopher the Toy who was looking back with the same look of shock and confusion. They both reached out and just as their hands touched, the creature issued an inhuman hiss. It snatched Christopher up into its arms and kicked the newly wrought boy back into the debris of the storm. Time resumed and Christopher was taken away from the storm. Away from everything. Into the Hedge where he would know pain unlike any other.

Christopher was reshaped in faerie to serve as one of the Master's guardians. Bruisers that would enforce the Master's will in its domain, dragging others before the Master, removing others from the Master's presence and assuring that the Master's will would be remembered for a very long time.

Christopher doesn't recall what had allowed him to escape. He is sure that he had no desire to escape. He only desired to fulfill his Master's will. And to hurt people. He desired that a great deal. But something happened. An invasion of some sort he thinks. And then, some of who he had been, memories of another life, another world, had surfaced. And he was not the only one. The Dancer, he doesn't remember her name. Doesn't think she had one. She said she knew a secret way. A way to escape. She told him to follow her. He was only good at following. No one else to listen to, hers was the only will being made known. So he followed her. He protected her. She would be his new Master.

Then he awoke, as if from a half remembered dream, lying in a field where there were once houses before storms destroyed them many years ago. The Dancer was gone. He was alone. Christopher, appearing not a day older than he was when he had been taken in 1958 returned to the mortal world in 1985, where a 41 year old fetch had lived most of his life, buried his parents, married, adopted two girls and miraculously conceived a third, their son, Carl Hill, a fetchspawn.

When Christopher had tracked his fetch down they fought until they were exhausted, sitting side by side. The fetch invited him to join him for a beer instead. The faerie that had taken him had made the mistake of using too much of him and the love of a child for a favorite toy in the making of his fetch, and when they had touched, a bond was sealed between them. Their origin was unfortunate, but there was simply no going back and for one to kill the other at this point would not bring about anything good, only more loss. The two of them actually got along very well. Some fetches are monsters, but some are just people. And after spending who knows how long in the company of monsters, Christopher could really use a person who he could truly talk to in his life. And so they became friends, or resumed being the friends they had already been back when one had been a boy and the other a toy.

Christopher assumed the name of William Langley and procured some false credentials, which was not as difficult a thing to pull off at that point in time. Over the next decade, Christopher, or William, had only marginal involvement with other changelings. He joined the Autumn Court, but the politics of those who had returned from faerie did not interest him. Most of them didn't really seem to want to get on with new lives. They were so obsessed with the lives they lost or about those who had taken it from them. And the fact that he had developed an amiable relationship with his fetch resulted in a hostile alienation from nearly everyone. In 1995, the fetchspawn Carl, now 20 years old, had murdered his sisters and mother, as well as about half a dozen other women. The police proved to be incapable of identifying, much less capturing him as he had been born with wyrd in his blood and used it to elude his mortal pursuers.

William was contacted by Christopher, who sought aid in stopping his son. They worked together and tracked Carl down, which concluded with Carl's inevitable death and unmarked grave in the woods.

Three years later, when the validity of William Langley's identity was on unsteady ground following a vehicle loan, Christopher suggested that William assume the identify of his late son, Carl. He had never proclaimed his son dead, so legally it would appear that he had just been living a relatively inactive life at home with his father. The resemblance and their ages were close enough that none would be the wiser and he would be able to add validity to the claim, being his father.

So William Langley vanished and Christopher Hill became Carl Hill, assuming the role of the dead son of his fetch - and official pariah of all changeling freeholds in the region. Unfortunately the timing was terrible. Evidence had recently come to light linking Carl to the murders of thirteen women, including his "mother and sisters". There was a terrible and drawn out trial and he was sentenced to life in prison.

Carl was released from prison after six years when new DNA evidence had reopened the case and proven Carl's innocence. This was the result of a determined private detective that had been working for his "father". Unfortunately the old enemy-allies/father & son would never have a reunion as the fetch had passed away the year prior due to heart failure.

It was during his time in prison that Carl had met Boss, this bizarre and wonderful person who had sensed there was something different about him upon their first meeting. They became inseparable while Boss was there and they became lovers. Boss revealed his secret to Carl and vice versa.

Boss was released and they continued a correspondence, as well as Boss' occasional flights between California and Wisconsin for conjugal visits, made more bizarre and convenient once Boss had "convinced" the prison warden to become involved.

Once Carl had been released from prison, Boss, with wife and daughter in tow, were there to pick him up and take him back to San Diego with them.

Carl landed a security job and also worked part time as a bouncer at a club.

Boss began to include Carl in his "super hero" life. Neither Boss' superiors, nor the local changeling community initially approved of their pairing. Carl eventually discovered a group of changelings who actually praised his involvement with mages. A loosely organized entitlement called the Lord Sages of the Unknown Reaches. They were not the most popular amongst changelings, but that was nothing new to him, which only granted him even greater dismissal from mainstream freehold society.

He was eventually invited to accompany Boss to visit Mount Angel in Salem, Oregon. Boss, for possibly the first time ever, seemed genuinely nervous about the invitation. Carl knew that if it was bad enough to cause Boss to be nervous, that he should be terrified. So he declined the invitation. At least he thought he did. But he got on the plane anyway.

Carl doesn't recall most of his stay amongst the Guardians of the Veil, though it must have gone well, as afterwards many of Boss' missions from his superiors specifically include instructions for Carl as well. He had been left with the distinct feeling that if he is to partake a role in mage society, that the Guardians will have authority over that role.

With the assistance of an imbued ring given to him in Salem that masks his aura with that of a mundane mortal, Carl generally plays the sleepwalker card as it causes mages to underestimate him if not outright ignoring him.

When the Guardians recently reassigned Boss to a task in Atlanta, they instructed him to remain in Portland. He has been instructed to answer to Veles and to offer assistance and support as an affiliate to the Lamplighters cabal.


  • Mask: Carl is a large man, chubby yet thick with muscle, standing at six and a half feet in height and weighing in at over 400 pounds. He has brown hair and shifts between a trimmed beard or goatee and his eyes are a deep blue-green bordering on black. When he's at work he dresses in a manner that is appropriate for the job. In the past that meant jeans and tight shirts or a security uniform, recently he's been upgraded to tailor made suits. When he's out of work he prefers to wear cargo shorts (pockets are your friend) and tank tops - if you put effort into your appearance, it's foolish not to show it off.
  • Mein: Carl is a giant regardless of mask or mein, though his true form is noticeably larger than his mask due to the sloping arch of his hunched back and shoulders. His muscle and girth is more exaggerated than the equal distribution of his mask. His skin has the look of blue-grey slate and his face while similar to the mask is also more exaggerated with a deeply sloping brow, massive rounded nose and oversize jaw. The short, thick hair on his head and face somewhat mirrors the changing style of his mask, but is stark white, though he generally streaks it with varying colors, most often preferring pale greens and pink. His eyes remain the same deep color in either form. Carl's body is decorated with numerous Atlantean runes, covering a great deal of his body, seeming to be half tattoo, half engraving into his flesh.
    The runes had started to appear after he had received his entitlement and continued to grow and spread as he spent more time amongst mages. Boss translated them for him, noting that they were largely fragments and gibberish, yet all easily relatable concepts to Carl's past and personality as well as Boss' own true name plastered upon Carl's stomach.
    Carl was much larger when he was in faerie, but seemed to have lost some of that size when he crossed through the Hedge back into the world. Sometimes he is able to recall his self form those days, and his mein can grow to the size of a truck. His mask is flawed, and inadequate for this drastic a change, cracking and revealing his true mein to everyone present.


  • Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2, Strength 4, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3, Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 3
  • Abilities: Computer 1, Occult 3 (SP: Abyssal, Atlantian), Athletics 3 (SP: Acrobatics), Brawl 1, Survival 3, Weaponry 4 (SP: Axes), Intimidation 3, Persuasion 1, Socialize 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 1
  • Merits: Dual Kith, Mantle (Autumn) 1, FS: Frenzied Assault 4, FS: Gladitorial 1, FS: Two-Weapons 3, Giant, Ambidextrous, Imbued Item 3
  • Flaws: Fragile Mask
  • Advantages: Health 9, Willpower 5, Clarity 5, Size 6, Speed 12, Defense 3* (Armor ??), Initiative 6


  • Contracts: Stone 3, Fleeting Autumn 2, Punishing Summer 1, Mirror 3, Hearth 2
  • Pledges:
  • Autumn Mantle: Mantle • provides a character two bonus dice on any Contract activation roll that uses Occult.
  • Seeming Blessing: Spend one point of Glamour to improve dice pools involving Strength, Brawl & Intimidate. Each point of Glamour spent adds one die to one dice pool.
  • Seeming Curse: No 10-again on Composure dice pools (except for Wits+Composure perception rolls). -1 die penalty to Composure when using it as Defense trait (that is, when subtracting it from another character's dice pool)
  • Kith Ability:
    • Unyielding Voice: By spending a point of Glamour, the troll can add his dots in Strength to any social roll involving Manipulation.
    • Spurious Stature: By spending a point of Glamour, the ogre can add his Wyrd rating to size for one scene (this increases health). Suffers one lethal damage upon reverting to normal size.


Ownership & Possession

  • Possessions:
  • Appropriated Tokens: Boss' watch, BB's brush,
    • Magical Items:
    • Weapons: Carl carries a couple of hatchets on his person at all times. He also keeps a crash axe in the trunk of his car and an impressive collection of various types and styles of axes in his home and his business office.
      • Hatchet (Damage 1(L), Size 1/S, Durability 2, Notes: ); torso holsters
  • Residence: Nice house with a pool in the West Hills. Pretty chill neighbors, including an old recluse who mows his lawn in his bathrobe every other day, a rich bored housewife who's children are away at college and husband is always overseas and a the modern equivalent of the Brady Bunch that seem to be competing for some sort of American poster family award.
  • Business:

Carl is the CEO of Faust Securities, a Portland based cctv and security system company that performs installation and monitoring services for homes, businesses and government contracts. And while not legally connected, he is involved with the well being of Boss' newest branch of our comics and collectible stores, this one called Capes, down on the east side of the river, just a few doors down from Guardian Games.

Experience Points

Earned: 150+55p (axp)
  • Starting Total: 150 (140+10 from loss of TRAIT)
  • Session #.#.14: #xp+#axp

Spent: #+#axp; Unspent: #+#axp

  • Purchased: xxxx (##)