Character Creation in the Star Wars Game

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There are millions of species and thousands of languages spoken. Most species are able to at least understand, if not outright speak, several languages. Unlike other Abilities, Language confers specific effects at each Rank, and each Rank costs 10xp regardless of level.

  • Rank 1: You can understand the language well enough to make sense of what others are saying, but not enough to speak clearly.
  • Rank 2: You can speak conversationally and understand fluently, though you cannot read it.
  • Rank 3: You speak fluently and can read the language well.
  • Rank 4: You are extremely well spoken, and read extremely proficiently.
  • Rank 5: You can now speak various dialects, identifying a persons planet and even region of origin.

You gain the first three Ranks in your primary language for free at character creation (it is a rare individual in the modern galaxy that is not literate. Beyond that, you must spend XP to increase your primary language (usually Basic), or any other language.

Common Languages

For the most part, each race has a "native" or racial language that they speak. A character may select either their Racial Language or Basic for their starting 3 Ranks in language. The following are some common trade languages:

Standard Basic: The most commonly spoken language in the galaxy - though most of that is due primarily to the predominance of the Core Worlds. [Think English]
High Basic: An ancient and extinct language, it is used to show respect to the academic elite. Being fluent is often a sign of wealth and prestige. [Think Latin]
Durese: The racial language of the Duros - frequently used as a trade language in the Core and the Colonies
Bocce: Another Trade Language, Bocce - much like Basic - was developed from many existing languages as a way to bridge communication gaps between species. It is most often found in the Expansiion and Mid Rim regions - but it can be found everywhere in the galaxy.
Huttese: The default trade language of the Outer Rim.
Binary: Binary is the name given to the various methods by which Droids communicate.


No Star Wars Game would be complete without the ability to be one of the alien races that populate the galaxy. Should you decide to play a non-human, you apply the Qualities listed for that species. These Qualities do not count against any limit at Character Creation, nor do they cost Destiny Points. In addition your starting Language is that of your Species and you must purchase Basic.

There are nearly 20 million sentient species in the Star Wars Galaxy, so this is only a tiny fraction available. If you wish to play something exotic, just submit that and the race will be added to the list.

Human: By far the most abundant race in the Galaxy, Humans have come to live everywhere in the known Galaxy and beyond.

  • Great Strength: Wookiees are known for thier great size and physical stength. When testing Stregnth they add +1D to their Test.
  • Acute Sense (Smell): A Wookiees sense of smell is extremely acute. When testing Awareness (Notice) based on smell they gain +1D to their Test.
  • No Speech: Wookiees are physically incapable of speaking any language other than their own.
  • Rage: Wookies are generally passive and mild, but when angered they become enraged and have difficulty controlling themselves. Whenever you take a point of Frustration, you must immediately Test Will (Dedication) against a Challenging (9) Difficulty. If you fail, you must end the Intrigue and switch to Combat. The Difficulty of this test increases by one Step for each point of Frustration beyond the first.

Mon Cal: An amphibian species from the world Dac. Known for their artistic engineering.

  • Cool under Pressure: Whenever you test Will (Dedication) you gain +1D.
  • Methodical: Mon Cals are deliberate in their action. The time between rolls on any Extended Test is doubled.


  • Determined: You gain the Stubborn Benefit
  • Boastful: You gain the Arrogant Drawback


  • Males: Calculating / INdecisive
  • Females: Graceful / Submissive


  • Masters of Deception: When you test Deception, you gain an additional +1B. In addition you increase your Intrigue Defense by 1.
  • Small Stature: Bothans have a small slender frame. You suffer -2D to Strength.


  • Tech Wiz: Duros were one of the first races traveling the stars. They are very comfortable of with technology. Choose a Mechanics Specialty you have at atleast 1 Rank. When testing that Specialty you gain +1D.
  • Impulsive:


  • Thermal Vision: The Antenna allow Rodians to see into the infrared. When testing Awareness (Notice) for vision you gain +1D.
  • Strong Odor: Rodians give off an odor most races find offensive. Rodians suffer -2D to Charm and Seduce Tests.


  • Natural Navigator: Whenever you test Orientation or Piloting to navigate, you gain +1D.
  • Sensitive to Light: When you are exposed to well light environments (anything above soft ambient lighting) you suffer -1D to all tests. Each round you may roll a D6, and if you roll a 6, the penalty is removed.


  • Massive: When you test Athletics (Strength) you gain +1D
  • Tough Hide: You gain a Natural AR of 1
  • Agressive
  • Poor Dexterity: When you make a test where fine manual dexterity is required, you suffer a -1D Penalty.


  • Well Traveled
  • Impulsive:


  • Natural Leader: When you test Will (Coordinate) you gain +1D
  • Deliberate: The time bewteen rolls on any Extended Test are doubled.


  • Heightened Vision: When testing Awareness (Notice) based on vision, you gain +1D.
  • Passionless: When you test Charm and Seduce, you suffer -2D.

Selonian A fur covered race hailing from the Corellian System, these mammals live in a hive-mind society.

  • Superior Agility: Selonians gain +1B to all Agility and Climb Specialty Tests. In addtion you gain +1 to your Combat Defense.
  • Swift: Selonians can run very quickly. They increase their base Movement by 1yd.
  • Terrible Liars: Selonians believe lying is a terrible crime. They suffer -1D to all Deception Tests
  • Consent to Act: Selonians instinctually need affermation from their group before acting. Whenever they attempt to take an action that has not been openly discused and agreed on by their allies, they suffer a -1D to all tests. Each round they may attempt to overcome this instinct by rolling a D6. On a roll of a 6, the penalty is removed.